The key to growth in our assets and impact has been to think beyond grantmaking as a tool for improving Greater Miami’s quality of life. Because of our independent position, we realized we could mobilize resources and address community issues through policy change and public affairs. That’s the strategy behind our Civic Leadership Agenda.


We set ambitious goals for the agenda to truly move the needle on three issues we’re best positioned to address: parks and public spaces, transportation and urban mobility and adapting to sea-level rise. These pressing issues are critical to ensuring Miami’s vibrancy into the future.


We’re committed to mobilizing action and creating solutions for these important matters. Programs like the Public Space Challenge seek to uncover the best ideas for creating and improving local public spaces. Public forums with transportation experts have engaged the community on transit solutions. In collaboration with key stakeholders across Miami-Dade, we’re working to ensure our community’s resilience to sea-level rise.


Essentially, as Miami grows we want to ensure a sustainable city for the future of everyone who lives here.