Hey Miami – It’s Time to Turn Up… and Vote!

I love living in Miami. Born and raised, I feel like I belong here. The diversity of its hard-working people, delicious food, eclectic music, cultural activities, and scenic backdrop – all of these aspects keep me falling in love with Miami a little more every day. Of course, there are some things that I don’t love about Miami…cue the never-ending traffic and widespread social inequity. But I recognize that the things I’m dissatisfied with can always be changed. When you feel a sense of belonging, then you care enough to do something about it. And that’s where voting comes in.

Did you know that in some elections in Miami, candidates win by less than 100 votes? Not 10,000 or even 1,000…less than 100 votes! With margins like that, every single vote counts. As we look ahead to a big local election this fall, I foresee a huge opportunity. Hear me out…

What if instead of having some of the lowest voter turnouts in the country, Miami-Dade voters TURNED UP at the polls? As the most populated county in Florida, we have the power to meet this incredibly important moment. But first, we must believe that we can be the change that we want to see in our society – and that our voice matters.

How our communities operate is shaped by the voting decisions that we either make – or abstain from. Your parents, your kids, your neighbors, your friends – our community – their voices all matter. We all belong here, and we have the ability to shape the Greater Miami we want to see through the ballot box.

So how do we awaken a spirit of shared responsibility and civic health in Greater Miami? Here are a few steps for us to take action.

While my response to these questions will undoubtedly grow and evolve, these are my reflections so far: 

2. Get to know the issues facing your community.

Big issues for Florida voters include immigration policies, LGBTQ rights, gun control, economic policies, abortion rights, climate change, and more. On a local level, your vote determines what happens to the people, places, and services in Miami. This is why it’s important to get to know the issues facing your community.

For example, a recent county vote decided the fate of older people experiencing homelessness, influencing where government housing is developed. And with summer just beginning , local policies on heat protections will impact outdoor workers – including the landscapers who maintain our greenery, farmers who harvest our food, and construction workers who improve our roads and city.

Knowing what topics are up for debate can help you decide which candidates will fight for what matters to you. The power is in your hands .

4. Sign up and vote!

Now that you know your stuff, it’s time to register to vote. You can also help your family and friends who are eligible to vote in Miami by sharing this information with them and getting them set up – remember, it takes a village.

The generations who came before us have shaped Miami into the unique and vibrant city we see before us today. We all belong here, and now it’s our turn to tell our elected officials what’s important to us.

I think Miami is more than ready to reawaken our unified civic leadership spirit. Come on 305 – take it to the polls!

Writing about the power and potential of connection truly gives me goosebumps.  At The Miami Foundation, we have the honor of spending every day connecting with the community – seeing its beauty, shining a light on its potential, and supporting its progress. My greatest hope in my new role is to create that same connection for each of you. I want you to feel the same joy that I get to experience every single day because of the power of connection.  Only when our entire community is truly connected will we be able to create a Greater Miami where every person can thrive. 

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