Thank you for your interest in supporting the Miami community by sharing your time and perspective as an advisor. 


As a community foundation, The Miami Foundation works together with Miami residents to achieve their goals for a stronger, more equitable, and more resilient community. We believe it is critical for local leaders to drive local action, so all of our grant programs are guided by committees of Miami residents who are passionate about serving our community. These Community Advisors guide our grant investments to best serve Miami residents. 


Learn more about the Community Grants program here. 


Meet the 2023 Community Advisors here.

What will I do as a Community Advisor? 


Community Advisors have a unique opportunity to guide social progress in Miami. They will participate in the redesign of the Community Grants process as well as read and evaluate a category of grant proposals within the Foundation’s Community Grants program. The Foundation team will consult with Advisors throughout the grant process and train Advisors on a standard evaluation process. Finally, Advisors will come together to develop final grant recommendations to the Foundation. 


Time Commitment: We anticipate the total time commitment will be 75-80 hours to meet with the Foundation team, share feedback on the design of the program, read proposals, and then join final selection meetings. This will be spread out over 5 months, primarily in December 2022 and April/May 2023. We do our best to schedule around all Advisors’ availability, so most meetings will be scheduled on weekdays, often during lunch hours or early evening. 


In return, the Foundation offers a modest honorarium gift in recognition of the value of Advisors’ time and expertise. Advisors will also be recognized on our website and program materials. They will come away with unique insight into our community and have a direct impact on social progress in Miami. 

What are the qualifications? 


  • Current Miami-Dade County residents preferred, or otherwise very familiar with Miami communities.  
  • 18 years of age or older.  
  • English fluency is preferred, as proposals are submitted in English. 
  • Passion for serving the Miami community, often through a demonstrated interest in one of our program areas.  
  • Commitment to sharing your time and respectful feedback throughout the process.  
  • Commitment to act with objectivity and confidentiality.  
  • Availability throughout the month of December 2022 for program and proposal design as well as April/May 2023. for proposal reviews and selection meetings.  
  • Must share any potential conflicts of interest with nonprofits you are involved with. 


Community Advisors are not required to have a certain level of expertise, education, or involvement. We value both life experience and professional expertise as long as they are applied respectfully and objectively. Nonprofit employees may be Advisors, although they cannot review their organization’s application nor the category in which their organization is applying. 


Please note that submitting the interest form does not guarantee your role as a community advisor. If there is alignment between the open advisor roles and your experience and interests, the Foundation staff will reach out to you to discuss possible next steps. 

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Please contact Vicky Checo, Program Manager, at with any questions.