Jasmine Calin
Ambassador for Educational Equity
Curriculum Developer, Great Minds


Jasmine Calin is an ambassador for educational equity in her hometown of Miami, FL. As a former public-school teacher of 7 years, educational consultant for many prominent nonprofits and the Director of Programming for the Teacher Accelerator Pipeline, Jasmine impacts K-12 and higher education in various ways both locally and nationally. She believes in “boots on the ground” impact and seeks to never be too far removed from people and communities she serves.

With a deeply rooted passion for equal opportunity and justice, Jasmine began her career as a Teach for America corps member in Miami. She spent many years investing in and advocating for the students and families she served.

Jasmine’s transition from the classroom teacher to curriculum developer and education consultant brought with it an opportunity to create an even greater impact on the world of education. Most recently, she led the initiative along with Venture Miami, The Miami Foundation, and participating University partners to form the Venture Miami Scholarship.

Jasmine earned her bachelor’s degree from Davidson College and has a goal to recruit 500 teachers to the classroom over the course of her career. As the newly appointed Director of Programming for the Teacher Accelerator Pipeline, she intends to reach that goal very soon. Of all the work she does, her favorite is volunteering in a local kindergarten classroom.