Trina Harris

Touching Miami with Love


Trina Harris is a mother, dynamic leader, passionate advocate, and successful businesswoman known for her significant contributions as the CEO of Touching Miami with Love (TML). Born and raised in Miami, Florida, in the heart of the historic Overtown community, Trina has deep roots and a profound understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized populations.


Recognizing the transformative power of education, Trina has been a driving force in establishing invaluable partnerships between TML and local schools, businesses, religious sites, and community organizations. Her collaborative approach ensures that young people have access to the necessary resources and opportunities they need to thrive.


Under Trina’s guidance, TML offers holistic youth and family development programs, instilling hope, providing opportunities, and equipping them with essential resources. Her innate ability to connect with and motivate others has been instrumental in shaping the organization’s success and positive impact.
Trina’s commitment to social justice and equity permeates every aspect of her work. She tirelessly advocates for marginalized communities, striving to dismantle systemic barriers and create a more inclusive and just society.


Trina is actively engaged in various national initiatives, including Reimagining the Civic Commons and the Connecting Capital and Community (3C) initiative. Her involvement demonstrates her commitment to fostering engagement, equity, environmental sustainability, business, and economic development, and addressing racial inequities within housing systems.


Her compassionate approach, unwavering dedication, and ability to inspire others make her an influential force in creating a brighter future for Miami’s most vulnerable populations.