Our hearts and thoughts are with our neighbors in the Caribbean. The aftermath of Hurricane Fiona resulted in catastrophic flooding, landslides, and widespread power outages, compounding the ongoing struggle to rebuild only days before the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Maria hitting Puerto Rico. Hundreds of residents have evacuated amidst the devastation. Until the situation stabilizes, individuals are discouraged from coming to the island on their own to volunteer in person. However, you can still help our neighbors affected by the hurricane.



Value the leadership of Puerto Rican organizations with context and relationships at the center of this crisis. Help strengthen the Puerto Rican diaspora in Miami who are responding and invest in those focused on building a stronger, more prosperous Puerto Rico.



Cash and medical supplies are currently the best ways to help. After similar crises, there is often an excess of “stuff,” but not enough dollars to buy the local things survivors need. It is also valuable to allow organizations to purchase food/necessities locally to invest in local businesses and sustain the local economy during hardship. One critical ongoing need is transportation costs for medical supplies and donations to organizations working on the ground.



Please consider visiting our growing list of organizations advocating for Hurricane Fiona Relief, linked below. We trust their leadership and want to amplify their voices.



Thank you for your generosity and for standing together yet again in a moment of need.



Global Empowerment Mission (GEM)

GEM is a Miami-based organization working around the world to respond to disasters. The group is already in the process on the ground in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, addressing the extreme flooding and impact of Hurricane Fiona. They are working to provide hurricane disaster relief and accept monetary donations, canned goods, toiletries, and more. They are also looking for volunteers to help pack supplies.



Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami

For over 90 years, this community-centered organization has serviced our most vulnerable populations in times of need. With the help of donations, they plan to provide immediate relief and resources to e countries affected by the storm in partnership with their sister agency, Caritas de Puerto Rico.



World Central Kitchen
WCK is first on the frontlines, providing meals responding to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. They build resilient food systems with locally-led solutions. It currently provides freshly prepared food in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. You can support their efforts by making a monetary donation.



All Hands and Hearts

All Hands and Hearts is a volunteer-powered nonprofit that addresses the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by disasters. All Hands and Hearts has forged deep ties with communities and grassroots organizations in Puerto Rico due to over two years of recovery work following Hurricane Maria and subsequent disasters. They are currently accepting monetary donations.



Foundation for Puerto Rico

The Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that seeks to unleash Puerto Rico’s potential in the global economy so more people can live, visit, work, and invest in our beautiful island. It focuses its efforts on targeted economic development and resilience programs, working hand in hand with community partners, providing resources, training, funding, and networks that improve the local economy. It is currently accepting monetary donations.



Mercy Corps

In Puerto Rico since 2017, Mercy Corps has worked closely with local organizations to prepare for crises like Hurricane Fiona. In the wake of Hurricane Fiona, we are contacting our Puerto Rican partner organizations to understand the specific needs of impacted communities better and to determine support and response plans. Mercy Corps is currently on the ground in Puerto Rico and provides urgently needed relief, including emergency cash, food, clean water, and long-term support. It is now accepting monetary donations.



Maria Fund

The María Fund was created on September 2017 by the Center for Popular Democracy in partnership with Puerto Rican organizations Taller Salud and G8/Proyecto ENLACE to support frontline efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane María. It is currently working as a part of a collaboration of NGOs to provide on-the-ground resources to communities in need in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona. They are currently working to provide hurricane disaster relief and are accepting monetary donations.



Taller Salud

This feminist 501(c)(3) nonprofit has a 24/7 hotline to support domestic and sexual violence victims. They are working to provide hurricane disaster relief and accept monetary donations, canned goods, toiletries, and more.

The Miami Foundation