Staff Headshots

Photo Credit: AJ Shorter Photography

Marisabel Novillo

Senior Grants Administration Associate

Marisabel Novillo is a dedicated and experienced Senior Grants Administration Associate with a rich background in endowment services and marketing management. With a genuine passion for philanthropy, Marisabel has successfully managed grant and fund contributions for numerous Foundation Fundholders, ensuring compliance with IRS regulations and providing exceptional customer service.

Marisabel holds a Master of Business Administration specializing in international business and marketing from Florida International University and a Bachelor of Art in Sociology from the State University of New York. Her continuous pursuit of knowledge and dedication to professional growth has been fundamental to her success.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Marisabel enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and volunteering. Her diverse range of hobbies reflects her well-rounded nature and commitment to fostering community both in and outside the workplace. With her humble demeanor and unwavering commitment to excellence, Marisabel Novillo brings invaluable expertise to our organization, consistently striving to impact philanthropy and nonprofit operations positively.