Staff Heashots

Credit: AJ Shorter Photography

Lis Mesa

Events and Special Projects Manager


Lis Mesa is the Events and Special Projects Manager at The Miami Foundation. She leads the Foundation’s strategy for designing and implementing events and projects that support community issues and bring people together toward shared community goals. Before joining the Foundation, Lis co-founded and was the Program Director of The Selkie CIC, an international nonprofit working to support underrepresented writers. She has supported the local nonprofit Women for Success as a board member in events management, programming, networking, and fundraising. Before entering Philanthropy, Lis worked in Healthcare Management, focusing on diagnostics for Long-term care patients throughout Florida. Lis’s background in the truly fast-paced, round-the-clock world of CLIA-certified, HIPAA-compliant testing in a patient-centered business taught her the importance of creating opportunities for positive social impact in the communities we serve. These lessons have fueled her nonprofit work both locally and abroad. Lis holds a master’s degree in Hospitality Management from Florida International University and an MSc from the University of Edinburgh. She is passionate about creating access to arts and culture for all and small business initiatives.

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