The Miami Foundation provides civic leadership, bringing people together to advance the quality of life in Greater Miami. Our team of committed professionals is integral to the Foundation’s work in mobilizing resources and strengthening our community.

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Executive Team


Contact the Philanthropy team if you are an individual, corporation, or professional advisor looking to transform your charitable giving or create a charitable legacy in our community. 

Collective Impact

The Collective Impact team leads the Foundation’s collaborative initiatives. Bringing cross-sector partners to solve our region’s most pressing issues and to mobilize donors, nonprofits, and community partners to work in cohesion to generate bold strategies to increase equity and resilience in Greater Miami.

Communications & External Affairs

When you want a representative of the Foundation to speak to your group, have questions regarding the Foundation’s marketing and public outreach, need a quote/image from the Foundation, or if you are a member of the media with questions, contact the Communications and External Affairs department. This branch drives change through digital media strategy, community engagement, and collective impact amplification.

Finance & Operations

This team is responsible for the financial and fiscal management and the general operations of the Foundation. They coordinate our business planning, accounting, talent, and internal organization work. When you have questions about the Foundation’s inner workings, when you would like a copy of your Fund statement, or when you need information about a grant check, contact this team.