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Sammy Gonzalez Zeira

Young Musicians Unite


CEO of Young Musicians Unite, Leader of Arts Access Miami, Director of The Miami Beach Rock Ensemble, and owner of businesses Wynwood School of Music, Studio Bros, and Miami Music Productions, Sammy Gonzalez Zeira is one of Miami’s most established musicians and educators in the Miami music scene. Since playing his first guitar concert at ten years old, he grew to become an accomplished classical guitarist, and bassist for Jacobs Ladder, a nationally recognized rock band.


As a musician, Sammy has played over 1000 concerts, gone on 15 U.S. tours, and landed spots at the SXSW music festival, Van’s Warped Tour, and National Film Festivals. He owns and operates Studio Bros in Miami, where he produces, records, and mixes artists from all genres and backgrounds. As the first chair in the Miami Beach Classical Guitar Quintet, Sammy toured the U.S. and Japan, winning awards at both regional and national levels.


Sammy is the CEO & Founder of the non-profit Young Musicians Unite and has personally raised over $20,000,000 for music education. Under the leadership of Sammy, YMU believes that every student in Miami-Dade deserves access to music education regardless of their socioeconomic background. The organization currently services over 4,900 students across 40 schools and has educated over 15,000 students since 2013.


Sammy is a founder at the Wynwood School of Music, an after-school and weekend music program in the heart of Miami’s art district. Allowing students to participate in private and ensemble lessons throughout the week. Sammy also serves as the Director of the Miami Beach Senior High School Rock Ensemble. The Rock Ensemble, founded by the late Doug Burris in 1972, is the first school-based ensemble of its kind in our nation’s history. The student-led musical group is a culmination of musicians, a stage crew, and a sound engineering team. The Rock Ensemble comes together to play classic and modern rock and lends vocational experience to its students by engaging them in professional environments at a young age. Many professional musicians and sound engineers have passed through the ranks of the Rock Ensemble over its 50-year run.


As an educator, Sammy has been teaching since 2004. His students have gone on to excel in schools such as New World School of the Arts, Juilliard, Harvard, NYU, Georgetown, Cornell, Vanderbilt, and Penn State.