Safe Communities Program 2021 Grant Partners

The Safe Communities Program strives to ensure safety and opportunity for all Greater Miami residents. Our partners in this work are leaders in education and economic mobility; health services to overcome substance dependence; and collective action to improve community safety. Together, we are particularly focused on supporting survivors of human trafficking, gun violence, and other crimes as well as people who were previously involved in the justice system. Learn more about the Safe Communities Program here.  

Crime Prevention and Deterrence

Be Strong International, Inc. ($16,000)    

To activate, engage, and connect local leaders and residents of Districts 8 and 9 to work collaboratively toward transformational change in their communities. 


Chapman Partnership, Inc. ($25,000)  

To provide opportunities for adults who are homeless, particularly those who are justice-involved, to pursue productive, crime-free futures through the Workforce Trades Program (WTP) that will provide work-readiness skills and training in high-demand industries that pay a living wage. 


Ladies Empowerment and Action Program, Inc. ($30,000)  

To help formerly incarcerated women successfully navigate reentry by providing comprehensive services including trauma-informed and addiction therapies, transitional housing, paid job training internships, and job placement. 

Human Trafficking

Camillus House, Inc. ($30,000)   

To support women who were formerly homeless and trafficked with a place to heal, grow, and transition to safe and stable housing through Project Phoenix. 


International Rescue Committee – Miami ($25,000)  

To expand IRC Miami’s mental health program for human trafficking survivors and unaccompanied children by developing a local continuum of care and removing barriers to health services. 


Kristi House, Inc. ($28,000)   

To support the development of the survivor leadership component of Project GOLD, a trauma-informed, survivor-focused program dedicated to restoring the lives of sex-trafficked youth. 


University of Miami Project THRIVE ($30,000) 

To hire a patient navigator to assist survivors at Project THRIVE to progress in recovery by navigating the complex health system and accessing psychosocial services. 

Substance Dependence Services

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami Inc. ($10,000)  

To reduce barriers to employment such as transportation, documentation, and work attire for people who are working toward recovery from substance dependence. 


Chainless Change, Inc. ($25,000)   

To support the POWER program in Miami-Dade County that provides pathways toward self-sufficiency and sustained recovery for justice-involved individuals with behavioral health conditions including substance dependence. 


New Hope CORPS ($30,000)  

To support comprehensive outpatient substance abuse treatment to individuals through New Hope CORPS’ Back On Track (NH-BOT) DUI Treatment Project. 


University of Miami IDEA Miami Syringe Services Program (SSP) ($30,000)   

To support the IDEA Miami Syringe Services Program’s (SSP) specialized outreach program for individuals experiencing addiction that links individuals to primary and mental healthcare services along with substance abuse treatment. 

Survivor Assistance

Americans for Immigrant Justice, Inc. ($30,000)  

To provide free immigration legal representation to and advocate on behalf of immigrant survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault.  


Catholic Charities Legal Services, Archdiocese of Miami, Inc. ($30,000)   

To support immigrant crime survivors to assert their rights when they report crimes and represent them in seeking legal status. 


Mujeres Unidas en Justucua Educacion y Reforma, Inc. (MUJER) ($30,000) 

To continue comprehensive services for survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault through MUJER’s One Stop Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center.  


RJT Foundation, Inc. ($10,000)   

To provide ongoing support and assistance to survivors of crime and their families as well as youth impacted by violence in Miami-Dade County. 


St. Peters Community Development Corporation (South Dade Veterans Alliance) ($10,000)   

To support the South Dade Veterans Alliance for female veterans who have PTSD-connected trauma to access case management and referrals, support groups, and claims benefit assistance. 


Sundari Foundation, Inc. (Lotus House) ($30,000)   

To connect homeless women and youth who have been victims of crime with trauma-focused counseling, substance dependence support, and other services so they can heal and break the cycle of homelessness and violence.  


Survivors’ Pathway Corporation  ($30,000)  

To support trauma-informed advocacy, mental health counseling, and crime prevention interventions for survivors of violent crimes within the Latino and LGBTQI communities. 


TOUCCH, Inc. ($23,000)  

To create a space where parents who have lost a child due to violence can collectively mourn, heal, and take action together to honor their loved ones in Liberty City and Overtown. 

Youth Development

Cornerstone Christian Center of Homestead FL Inc. (Bridge to Hope) ($15,000) 

To create social change through technology education for under-served and under-resourced youth who are at risk of involvement or currently involved in the juvenile justice system. 


Family & Children Faith Coalition (Hope for Miami) ($28,000) 

To provide academic support, mentoring services, and prevention education to middle- and high-school teens in East Little Havana through the Promise Youth program. 


Florida Film House International  ($20,000) 

To empower middle- and high-school youth to use their voices through the art of filmmaking through the 1st Take Youth Film Program in Overtown. 


Genesis Hopeful Haven, Inc. ($30,000) 

To prepare foster youth in Miami-Dade County to age-out of the dependency system with guidance, resources, essential life skills, and a community of caring adults so they can live independent, fulfilling lives. 


O, Miami, Inc. ($22,000) 

To establish the Young Adult Intensive program for trauma-impacted young adults to collaborate with professional poets and build creative expression, emotional growth, and communication skills. 


Overtown Youth Center, Inc. ($25,000) 

To remove barriers on the road to adulthood for marginalized, disconnected youth ages 18-25 by providing financial literacy, workforce readiness, job placement, and a variety of wraparound services through the Inspire Engage & Employ Young Adults initiative (IE2). 


Pace Center for Girls Miami ($30,000) 

To reduce criminal justice involvement and provide academic opportunities to girls and young women through small-classroom academic instruction and counseling that is community based, gender responsive, strength based, and trauma informed. 


Urban Strategies, Inc. ($27,000) 

To establish the S.U.N. (Safety, Unity and Necessity) Male Mentoring program that will address social and emotional determinants that impact the safety, mastery, and connection of Black male youth and young adults residing in Liberty City. 


Voices For Children Foundation, Inc. ($30,000) 

To hire a full-time Independent Living Specialist who will focus on the successful transition of youth out of foster care. 

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