The Safe Communities Program

Thank you for your interest! The 2021 Safe Communities Program proposal deadline has now passed. We will share grant decisions by late November.

The Safe Communities Program strives to ensure safety and opportunity for all Greater Miami residents. We do this by investing in education and economic mobility; health services to overcome substance dependence; and collective action to improve community safety. The Fund is particularly focused on supporting survivors of human trafficking, gun violence, and other crimes as well as people who were previously involved in the justice system.


The Miami Foundation collaborates with over 1,000 fundholders that seek to invest in the Greater Miami community. Among those, we manage two field of interest funds set up with the State Attorney’s Office for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Known as the Denise Moon Memorial Fund and the Safer and Healthier Communities Fund, these funds previously operated individual competitive grant programs.


In 2021, to effectively invest these community resources, the Safe Communities Program is now one comprehensive grant program that will pursue the Funds’ shared mission. We invite you to review the materials below to learn more. Translated guidelines available in Spanish here and in Creole here.

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Your destination for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and application questions.

We recommend reviewing this resource as a reference for how proposals will be evaluated.

What we fund


The Safe Communities Program will invest $600,000 across the five categories below. The descriptions are intended only to provide guidance and do not exclude other potential approaches. Proposals in each category will be considered equally.


Eligible organizations may submit only one application in only one category.


  • Crime Prevention and Deterrence |Build a safe community that offers opportunity for all people by activating residents to improve community safety as well as investing in economic and educational mobility to develop alternatives to illicit activity, particularly for people who were previously incarcerated or involved in the justice system. This may include job training or placement programs as well as educational programs about illicit substances to prevent impaired driving.


  • Human Trafficking | Support minors or adults who are survivors of human trafficking through high-quality services such as health care, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, housing, immigration services or other critical needs.


  • Substance Dependence Services | Guide people to overcome substance dependence or misuse by providing wraparound services that may include substance abuse counseling and treatment, mental health services, or support strategies to develop personal resilience.


  • Survivor Assistance | Help survivors and their loved ones overcome the financial, health, or other challenges they face as a result of being victims of gun violence or other crimes. This may include education assistance.


  • Youth Development | Prepare youth to successfully reach their full potential in academics, career, and life by supporting youth whose life experiences or environments put them at risk for becoming involved in crime or violence. This may include mentoring, educational support, employment and career preparation, or personal development.
Eligibility & Use of Funds


Eligibility Requirements: Eligible applicants are nonprofits with an active 501(c)(3) status as a public charity or projects with an established fiscal sponsor that has this status. The proposed work must primarily serve Miami-Dade County residents. If you have a current grant through any Foundation program, you must be in compliance with that grant to apply.


Each nonprofit may submit one proposal. We welcome collaboration – for collaborative efforts between two or more nonprofits, the partners should select one nonprofit to serve as lead applicant. Colleges and universities may submit up to three proposals, and each proposal should be from different departments or colleges.


Approaches: We welcome a variety of program approaches within the funding categories including direct services, community organizing, partnerships, and others as appropriate to your mission and vision.


Grant Amounts: Requested grant amounts may range from $10,000 to $30,000.


Use of Funds: All grants are one-year program support grants. This means grant funds are to be used only for expenses directly related to implementing the proposed work as well as related overhead costs.

How to apply


Please note the Safe Communities Program used the Submittable platform to receive and store proposals. All eligible submitted proposals were submitted by September 28 and are currently under review by the Foundation team with support from an advisory committee. Grant decisions will be shared by late November.


This annual grant program will open for proposals again in 2022.



  • RFP released: August 30, 2021
  • Proposals due: September 28, 2021, 4 p.m.
  • Estimated notification of grant awards: Week of November 15, 2021
  • Grant period: January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022
Connect with us


Questions? Please contact Valerie Crum, program officer.


The Miami Foundation
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