The extended closure of schools, cultural venues, businesses and social services due to COVID-19 has created deep pockets of need in our community. At The Miami Foundation we are focused on the long-term recovery of our region.


We have mobilized philanthropists, businesses, and community leadership to invest in collaborative, cross sector efforts that will help restore health, opportunity, and a thriving society or all who call Miami-Dade County home.


Join us. More than $3  million has been invested in The Community Recovery Fund thus far, and every dollar matters in this critical moment.  


Our strategy: 


Knowledge: We have analyzed 300+ nonprofit surveys, news updates and data from other funders. Daily conversations and webinars with civic and business leaders, philanthropic peers and researchers have informed us on pressing issues, long-term implications, and local, state and federal resources – and residents and nonprofits’ ability to access them.


Collaboration: We’ve used our community convening role to link elected officials, government agencies, major corporations and social impact activists to collaborate with donors and local nonprofit leaders to make a bigger impact than any one of us could make alone. This approach will help us leverage multi-sector solutions. Using our philanthropy and influence, the Foundation has already unlocked more than $15 million in recovery dollars needed to address our community’s needs.


Champions: Donors with a passion to make a difference around a specific issue can be part of building the Community Recovery Fund as a key resource to help sustain, restart and rebuild the important nonprofits we all depend on to aid and enrich Greater Miami’s quality of life.

Our focus: In partnership with donor champions and nonprofit partners, we have prioritized four major focus areas for investment. 



Restore health and wellness by investing in organizations that address residents’ physical, mental and behavioral health needs, as well as basic food security and access across Greater Miami.



Invest in the success of our youth by supporting organizations that provide quality child care to families, support community and distance learning programs to supplement virtual school classes and create constructive engagement opportunities for every child.



Put Miami-Dade residents on firm financial footing by investing in organizations that have an outsized impact on the financial security of Greater Miami residents, helping increase employment, housing security, benefits access, and support for small business owners.



Create vibrant, inclusive social and civic bonds through shared arts and cultural experiences, access to credible news and information, and digital connectivity for all. 

We’re leveraging partnerships across sectors to make powerful investments in Miami’s long term recovery. Your support matters. To join us as a donor champion, please email Janell Kaplan.

The Miami Foundation