Recent events have underscored the urgency for America to address the impacts of systemic racism. While the root issues are not new, organizations and individuals who have been on the frontlines for decades are now seeing increased traction and momentum. We must sustain their efforts now and in the future to ensure that they can leverage this moment to truly move the needle. Money in itself will not solve the problem, but we believe it will give extra power to organizations who are uniquely positioned to have increased impact and to catalyze real change. From there, it is critical that we follow up and follow through with being part of long-term system change. Read more in this letter from our president and CEO.


Our first step in a broader strategy to address the long-standing impacts of systemic racism in Greater Miami is the launch of The Racial Equity Fund. With a seed investment of $100,000, the Foundation will support organizations on the frontlines and those with traditionally less access to funding, in neighborhoods long-experiencing systemic oppression and working to transform systems, institutions and community conditions that perpetuate inequity.

The Racial Equity Fund’s initial grant investments include:

“It is time to demand better. The toxic virus of inequality has festered for long enough and caused incalculable harm. It’s time for us to clear out the rot, and allow our communities to build.”

– Rebecca Fishman Lipsey

Read our president and CEO’s full statement.

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