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“Press Forward will be one of the most important philanthropic collaborations of our generation. We’re proud to help power it.”

Rebecca Fishman Lipsey, President & CEO, The Miami Foundation

The Miami Foundation is proud to be incubating Press Forward, a national initiative to strengthen communities and democracy by supporting local news over the next five years.

Why this matters

The health of local news affects communities at every level. Across the country, we see news agencies closing at a rate of two per week. As local news deserts grow across the United States, communities become vulnerable without access to clear, accurate information, governments go unchecked, important stories don’t get lifted, and misinformation spreads. Funders are joining together from across the country to make a serious investment in the future of local news.

Who is involved?

Press Forward is a collaborative of funders joining together to revitalize local news. Together, more than $500 million has already been committed to this national initiative, and we invite others to join us. The full list of current partners can be found here.

Read the Press Forward Q&A with Jim Brady, Vice President of Journalism at the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

The goal

The goal of Press Forward is to catalyze a local news renaissance that will reshape the landscape and re-center local journalism as a force for community cohesion, civic participation, and government accountability.

Our role

The Miami Foundation is incubating a collaborative fund that will focus on making bold investments in expanding local news across the country. Grantmaking will begin in 2024. The Foundation is the home for the initiative, hiring the full time staff that is leading this national effort.

Why us?

It is an absolute honor to be housing this important national initiative. The Miami Foundation is known for leading robust funder collaboratives and collective impact initiatives, and is the home for long standing initiatives related to the health of both local and national journalism. This issue deeply impacts our local community, and we are excited for Miami’s voice to be at the center of solutions.