The Miami Foundation is proud to partner with other philanthropic organizations to incubate Press Forward South Florida, a coalition working to strengthen our region through local news.

Why this matters

The health of local news affects communities at every level. As local news deserts grow across the United States, governments go unchecked, misinformation spreads and residents lack the important information they need to make important decisions.

Journalist interviewing someone out of frame, with a camera operator in the foreground

A National Movement

Nationally, Press Forward is a $500 million movement to reimagine local news. Press Forward Locals, like the South Florida chapter, are a key part of the initiative. These chapters bring new donors and foundations together to expand resources and create place-based initiatives specific to our region’s information needs.

The South Florida Coalition

South Florida faces critical, regional issues that the public needs to know about to act. Ensuring a thriving local news ecosystem is such a pressing issue that six of the region’s community foundations have come together to create a shared vision and a way forward.

The South Florida coalition includes the Broward, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Miami, and Ocean Reef community foundations.