• francesca caramagno
    Posted at 15:41h, 02 April Reply

    This article about non-profits was educational in distinguishing between lobbying and advocacy.
    I am a board member of THE AMELIA TREE CONSERVENCY newly elected and am learning steadily and hungrily.
    Because our base is small we endeavor to have a bigger voice on Amelia Island and at present are opposing the wide spread development on the island. At present we are fighting a proposed change in the FLUM for a parcel of land adjacent to our beloved Egans Creek aka The Greenway. The FLUM states there are conservation acres within this parcel of land and the city commissioners 3 out of 5 are set to declare there was/is a “scrivener’s error”. Clearly this land is one of the remaining maritime forest and should be saved/conserved. We are working diligently and feverishly on this but could certainly use some imput and/or support from wherever we can get it. Your organization looks formidable and well established indeed. Would you consider giving us publicity or a statement. We go back to the commissioners on April 16th to see if any of the 3 have changed their mind about changing the zoning. We were successful in getting a “stop work” order for about a month plus a couple of weeks. Thanks

    • Ana Mantica
      Posted at 16:09h, 04 April Reply

      Congratulations on your new role and the important work you are doing, Francesca. Our advocacy work is necessarily limited in scope and geography so we cannot take a position; however, we would be happy to introduce you to other nonprofit groups who could be helpful.

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