About The Network

When a disaster hits, we want every neighborhood in Miami to be able to spring to action and access resources immediately.  

The Miami Strong Disaster Resilience Network, powered by the Miami Disaster Resilience Fund, is a collective of grassroots organizations across Miami-Dade County that step forward in times of need. Our aim is to equip network members with emergency resources and to share a clear ecosystem map so that residents, donors, and government partners can easily collaborate, get help, and offer support when a crisis hits. 

Throughout disaster seasons, this site will be continuously updated with the latest resources to help communities prepare for and quickly recover from disasters. 

What We Fund

We support disaster relief through a permanent, revolving fund that places resources with nonprofits in advance of a disaster. Grants are dispersed throughout the year in the following categories –


  • Preparedness: Grants to nonprofits working to advance equitable resilience building, community education, and preparedness  
  • Relief and Recovery: Grants for relief efforts to frontline nonprofits in advance of a disaster event (e.g., hurricane category 3+ is on track to hit Miami) 
  • Resilience: Grants to support long-term equitable recovery 

To share information about organizations that could advance our strategy, please contact Nikisha Williams, Managing Director of Collective Impact at nwilliams@miamifoundation.org. 

Join the Network

If your nonprofit is engaged in disaster preparedness, relief, recovery or resiliency initiatives in Miami-Dade County, please click here to join the Miami Strong Disaster Resilience Network. 

Disaster Response Resources

Hurricane Season spans from June 1 to November 30. Be sure to plan and prepare ahead of time with this library of resources. 

Access a database of free webinars to build your non-profit’s disaster relief and recovery capabilities. 

C.O.R.E engages faith-based and community organizations to plan for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

Learn basic disaster response skills to prepare yourself for hazards that may impact your community.

Access a database of free webinars to build your non-profit’s disaster relief and recovery capabilities. 

Equip the community with the skills and knowledge to prepare for excessive heat events and to work effectively in extreme weather conditions.

Disaster Response Grant Partners

With each storm, Miami-Dade’s grassroots-based organizations play a critical role in helping our communities prepare and recover. In the first round of grants, The Disaster Resilience Fund awarded an initial investment of $178,000 to advance equitable resilience building, community education and preparedness to five organizations that support a network of 18 nonprofits. 

  • The CLEO Institute is dedicated to climate education, advocacy, and engagement. They will provide essential workshops and training on extreme heat and disaster preparedness.  
  • United Home Care is the largest nonprofit organization serving older and disabled adults and their caregivers in Miami-Dade County. They will offer comprehensive in-home disaster preparedness assistance to seniors, including meal delivery, tarp installation, medication services, and emergency care coordination.  
  • Centro Campesino Farmworker Center has over 30 years of disaster recovery expertise, offering immediate relief such as ice and water distribution and food aid. They offer training to enhance preparedness for extreme heat within their communities and their youth programs, including after-school and summer camp programs, to address climate-related risks.  
  • Sant La, Haitian Neighborhood Center  is a nonprofit that empowers, strengthens, and uplifts the Haitian-American community in South Florida. They offer disaster preparedness services and provide heat mitigation education to Haitian communities across North-Dade.  
  • Center for Independent Living of South Floridawas established in 1993 in response to the overwhelming needs of people with disabilities following Hurricane Andrew. CLSF will offer training sessions on disaster preparedness and house fires to empower individuals with disabilities.  
  • Global Empowerment Mission (GEM)is a nonprofit that acts as a first responder to vulnerable communities affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises around the world. GEM will prepare for hurricane season by packaging and prepositioning disaster kits in case of a storm.  
  • Bridge to Hope provides comprehensive support to ensure food security, improve health, and enhance economic outcomes for disadvantaged and in-crisis households. They also enhance community preparedness by providing food, water, and emergency supplies to low-income families before a disaster.  
  • The Allappatah Collaborative CDC aims to build an inclusive economy while preserving the neighborhood’s unique cultural heritage. Addressing climate gentrification is a key focus of their preparedness and recovery planning. They emphasize hurricane preparedness through their partnership with the South Florida Red Cross.  
  • The Ten North Group  transforms lives by providing equitable access to housing and wealth-building for under-resourced communities, especially those affected by systemic bias. They support community readiness with food distribution, emergency assistance, mental health services, and cooling supplies for extreme heat.  

As we work to ensure our community is prepared for the effects of future disasters, please contact Nikisha Williams for more information.

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