Irenaida (Ire) Diaz

Advocacy Network on Disabilities


Ire Diaz (pronouns she, her, ella), is an experienced clinical social worker and certified addiction professional with over forty years in the field. Her work focuses on individuals with complex mental health and addiction issues.


Ire has worked in various settings, gaining significant experience in clinical social work and addiction therapy. Central to her career is her belief in equality of access and empowerment for all, which guides her approach to helping those in need.


A committed advocate for disability inclusion, Ire has worked towards systemic changes for better inclusivity. Her leadership roles have emphasized team building, staff development, and training within an inclusive community framework.


Ire has been instrumental in developing collaborative relationships to expand and enhance services for individuals with disabilities and their families, focusing on equal access and empowerment.


Her career reflects her dedication to social work, addiction therapy, and advocacy for disability inclusion, making her a respected professional in her field.