More than 150 donors have fueled the growth of The Racial Equity Fund, which is committed to addressing and eradicating racism in all of its forms in Greater Miami. The Miami Foundation seeded this fund in June 2020 with just $100,000, and we are inspired to see more than $2 million raised thus far to power serious change in our community. We are grateful to every donor and partner, including catalytic gifts from the Jorge Pérez Family Foundation and Facebook.


We have now invested in five rounds of grants. We began with small and immediate grants to groups on the frontlines, awards to individuals uniquely poised to advance change, and investments in Black-led arts groups using their craft to address inequities and uplift communities of color. Last year, we awarded nearly $1 million to 19 groups dedicated to the hard, sustained work to change systems that hold racial inequity in place and generate community power, just alternatives and solutions from within. You can learn more about the 2021 grant partners here.


Each round has built momentum, and now we are excited to award for our fifth round nearly $250,000 to strengthen five community-rooted solutions led by people of color that are disrupting dynamics, undermining their community safety, and creating healing within and within communities. You can read more about this round of grants here.


We have prioritized groups that are Black-led at the executive/senior leaders level, rooted in Black communities, and have an intentional systemic focus. They work on shifting policies, laws, practices, resources, and community-led solutions. We are invested in what they do individually and together as an emerging ecosystem. They must have staying power for the long-term focus and attention needed to build a more equitable and just Greater Miami.


Below you can explore our work. Learn about the newest grant partners. View clips from our innovative process that used video rather than written proposals, and explore our Racial Equity Video Anthology resource.


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Follow how our commitment to racial equity is evolving. Learn about our recent grants to support Arts Organizations and Artists, to individuals outside a nonprofit structure, and revisit the powerful community stories from our 2023 State of Black Philanthropy.

Maven Leadership

Meet the First Grant Partners

Meet the Arts Grant Partners

Meet the Individual Awardees

Meet the Systems Change Grant Partners

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"Li lè yo mande pi byen. Viris toksik nan inegalite te manje pou lontan ase ak lakòz mal enkòpore. Li lè pou nou netwaye pouri a, epi pèmèt kominote nou yo bati."

- Rebecca pwason Lipsey

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