About The Miami Foundation

We are building a stronger Miami for everyone, with everyone. Our Foundation team leads our community as the philanthropic backbone of Greater Miami. Our goal is to mobilize Greater Miami to give boldly, equitably, and strategically through community centered leadership. By unlocking the power of our financial and knowledge assets, we ensure our team and our operations are world class and delightful.

About You

We’re looking for folks who are committed to having a positive impact on the team and community at large. We seek candidates with a willingness to try, iterate, learn, and grow with high levels of energy, optimism, and resilience. Each position will necessitate deliberately and actively searching for opportunities to affirm the Foundation’s commitment to equity of all kinds. We encourage you to apply to the open positions below if you align with these goals!

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Grants Administration Manager

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Philanthropy Officers

Collective Impact Associate

Open for Business Associate

The Miami Foundation