2022 Investment Briefing

Resilient Strategies for Turbulent Times

Thank you for your interest in this year’s Annual Investment Briefing. This year, we focused on the investment strategies to build a solid foundation against the ebbs and flows of fluctuating financial markets. We shared how thoughtful planning is vital to weather market events. Thanks for joining us and our network of exceptional advisors and field experts as they shared their insights and lessons learned along the way.

Meet the Panelists

Photo of Estrellita S. Sibila
Moderator Estrellita S. Sibila, JD

Foundation Fundholder,

Miami Fellows Alum,

& Legacy Society Member


Sibila Law

Photo of Sheldon Anderson
Sheldon T.  Anderson

Foundation Vice Chair

Chairman & CEO
Grove Bank & Trust

Photo of Glenn Harris
Glenn Harris

Foundation Outsourced CIO and Portfolio Manager

Senior Client Portfolio Manager


Photo of William "Bill" Jarvis
William “Bill” Jarvis

Managing Director, Philanthropic Executive

Bank of America Private Bank 

Photo of Erin Knight
Erin Knight

Foundation Investment Committee Chair


Monument Capital Management

Photo of Julie Neitzel
Julie Neitzel

Foundation Board Chair


WE Family Offices