The State Attorney’s Fund for a Safer and Healthier Community at The Miami Foundation was created in 2013 by the State Attorney’s Office for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida. The Fund strives to create a safer and healthier community for the residents of Miami-Dade County through supporting efforts that effectively curtail substance abuse and driving while impaired.

AMIkids Miami-Dade, Inc.– $20,373

AMIkids Miami-Dade, Inc. will implement a Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention program to supplement its current education and counseling services.

Better Way of Miami, Inc.– $50,000

Better Way of Miami’s goals for its Substance Abuse Prevention project are to reduce recidivism rates in individuals in need of treatment, decrease individuals from over-burdening hospitals and emergency rooms with unnecessary and expensive visits and reduce incarceration rates and other legal issues.

Camillus Health Concern, Inc.– $45,000

CHC proposes to expand its mental health and substance abuse treatment services by, among other things, hiring a certified Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS) to conduct outreach in targeted communities and link at least 600 persons annually to treatment services. The PRS will also aid in community-wide substance abuse education and prevention efforts.

Camillus House, Inc.– $50,000

Once clients complete Camillus’ three stages of licensed, residential substance abuse treatment, also known as the Institute of Success and Personal Achievement program (ISPA), clients can then transition to Aftercare. Aftercare allows clients to remain in addiction services for up to 90-days post treatment as they work to achieve independence.

Coalition of Florida Farmworker Organizations, Inc.– $49,830

COFFO’s program will involve 45 Miami-Dade families with children over 16 in weekly classes on the problems associated with drugs and alcohol and will also develop a weekly 30 min. radio show addressing deterrents and rewards to prevent penalties associated with driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs (illegally or prescribed).

Elijah Network Family and Community Alliance, Inc. – $49,188

SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program is an evidence-based substance abuse prevention program that promotes physical active & healthy lifestyles. Its goal is to prevent & reduce alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use while increasing healthy habits which are necessary for promoting & protecting the overall health & well-being of young people.).

Empowering Youth Inc. – $50,000

EYI will implement substance abuse services including individual, group counseling, and psycho-educational sessions for adolescents and their families ranging 11-18 years old using the Culturally Informed and Flexible Family-Based Treatment for Adolescents and Botvin’s LifeSkills Training evidence-based program models.

Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami, Inc.– $50,000

FANM’s interventions aimed at preventing alcohol use and abuse project plans to bring awareness, education and support, empowerment and assistance our young people in the youth and adult drivers while impaired about the use of alcohol and drug and hopefully break down the barriers to reduce addiction.

Gang Alternative, Inc.– $50,000

Youth Excellence Program-Life Skills Training (YEP-LST) Little Havana will provide 65 at-risk Booker T. Washington HS students with 52 hours of Botvin LifeSkills EBP, homework assistance and SPARK fitness during 15 in-school and 15 afterschool sessions designed to reduce students’ at-risk status of substance abuse and impaired driving.

Hope for Miami– $20,000

Hope for Miami will extend its substance abuse prevention to include education on impaired driving to students in target high schools and middle schools as well as reaching the parents. In each school, the organization will target key time frames which have higher risk of impaired driving: school breaks, Prom, graduation and summer.

Hosanna Community Foundation, Inc– $25,000

The UPMDCC proposal is a collaboration of strategies and programs resulting from the implementation of the Strategic Prevention Framework process addressing underage drinking/drinking under the influence of alcohol/other illegal substance use; including family bonding, youth leadership and community campaigns serving 4500 youth 12-18 years of age.

Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership, Inc.– $25,000

The program will reduce impaired driving by educating over 40,000 teens and families in 30 Miami-Dade high schools about the danger, consequences, illegality and social unacceptability of impaired driving through educational materials, educational activities and a targeted, interactive awareness campaign in schools and online (social media).

Ladies Empowerment and Action Program, Inc. (LEAP)– $33,000

In its 8 years of educating women in prison, LEAP has found that trauma-informed substance abuse treatment is an absolute precursor to successful re-entry. SCR will use the Seeking Safety, 12-Step, and Thinking for a Change models of therapy to treat the PTSD and Substance Abuse suffered by over 90% of LEAP students.

Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce’s Education Foundation– $50,000

The program will provide comprehensive on-site services such as social emotional screenings, behavioral assessments, crisis interventions, & counseling to youth attending 3 public schools located in Miami Beach. The program will help children overcome/recover from substance abuse and reduce the prevalence and risk of youth driving while impaired.

Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services, Inc.– $25,000

MBYFS is the County’s only emergency shelter for youth ages 10-17 who are facing many risk factors. The community program serves families in crisis and FY 2017 the agency served 839 families in both the shelter and community programs. The programs offer a continuum of services; from prevention and early intervention to a full range of services.

New Hope C.O.R.P.S.– $48,500

The New Hope Back On Track (NH-BOT) DUI Treatment Project proposes to take 50 men/women referred from the Back On Track DUI Diversion Program and provide them with comprehensive outpatient substance abuse treatment that results in 85% (43 of 50 having no alcohol or drug use in the 30 days prior to successful completion of the program.

Riverside Christian Ministries, Inc.– $20,000

The Riverside House 5-Year Expansion Program will bring our substance abuse & mental health treatment, employment guidance, life skills & family reunification services to returning citizens countywide. Currently, only our residents receive these services. Our goal is to support our alumni & ex-offenders released directly from prison to the street.

Lotus House Women’s Shelter – $50,000

A qualified counselor will provide in-house evidence-based individual and/or group counseling for 120 women and youth annually with substance abuse and trauma histories at Lotus House Women’s Shelter along with recovery groups and referrals to external treatment and medical services as needed.

TransSOCIAL, Inc. – $50,000

Our Substance Abuse Recovery Group is an once a week, out-patient Psycho-educational group focused on the specific needs of the LGBTQ+ individual as it relates to drugs/alcohol misuse. We will offer a competent, safe and affirming environment for individuals struggling with addiction and/or co-occurring conditions to be their authentic selves.

Thelma Gibson Health Initiative – $20,000

TGHI is partnering with Casa Valentina to provide substance abuse, impaired driving education, dependency, social services to 12 residents who live in the service areas.