The Cliff & Della Goldkind Fund

Dearest Family and Friends,


Your presence is by far the best present to us, and we are so excited to have you join us at our wedding (virtually).


One of the most important values we want to permeate our marriage is a dedication to Tikkun Olam (a Jewish teaching that we all have a responsibility to help repair the world). This past year has made the importance of helping others and the need for systemic change all the more salient to us.


In lieu of gifts, we would be honored for you to help us seed the philanthropic fund we are starting for our family. The overarching mission that will guide our giving is to promote equality of opportunity and a basic standard of living for all. Our focus will be in the areas of racial equity, criminal justice reform, homelessness and food insecurity.


We have chosen the Miami Foundation as the home for our fund, as we greatly admire their bold and innovative approaches to strengthening Miami for ALL. Our fund will contribute to the Miami Foundation’s COVID-19 Recovery efforts and its Racial Equity Fund, as well as other national organizations including the Southern Center for Human Rights and FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums).


Thanks so much for your generosity, and for helping us honor this exciting chapter of our life together.




Cliff & Della


If you would like to make a donation via check, wire or other payment method, please contact Stephanie Marcus at or 305.357.2089. 

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