Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is comprised of forward-thinking individuals who have left a gift to The Miami Foundation in their estate. These generous people embody the Nelson Henderson quote: “in that they will plant a tree under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” We recognize them below.



Kathleen S. Abrams*

Encarnacion Arce*

Mae L. and Eugene M. Berezin*

Ana and Mitchell Bierman

Jeanne B. Bills*

Rosalie and Stephen Blunden

Jean Boulton*

Ray E. Breslin and Patrick J. Pecoraro, Jr.

James and Ola Carter Memorial Fund

Ali and Ray Casas

Lamar Louise Curry*

Lila N. Dickerson*

Peter Dockter and Bonnie Bernstein Dockter

Dave Doebler and Dara Schoenwald

Lucia A. Dougherty

Staci Ehrenkrantz

Betty B. and Donald L. Elliott*

Virginia R. Estep*

Forrest J. Flammang*

Dorothy and Edward Frohlich*

Liebe and Seth Gadinsky

Theresa Gilbourne*

Jeanette and Gerald Gioia*

Sandra P. Greenblatt, Esq.

Rosalie C. Hallbauer

Martin Hamburger*

Amy F. Hendel

Marlon Hill Community Impact Fund

Lawrence R. Hyer

Bland and Kay Erik* Jensen

Ruth Blower Kassewitz*

Shirley A. Kaufmann*

Leila Lampert*

Ralph Lutrin* and Alfred Allan Lewis

Rena Thea Lobl*

Rosalind R.* and Sidney Ludwig*

Dina K. and John M. Marks*

LuAnna and Donald W. Marx

W. McIntyre Trust

Philip D. Myers*

Marianne Napolitano

William Nelson*

Crag Orer*

Angelina and Juan Perdomo*

Jorge M. Pérez Family Foundation

Dr. Francine Peterman

Beulah M.S. and Willie Rawls, Sr.

Garth C. Reeves, Sr.*

Steven D. Robinson*

Jean T. Robinson*

Gloria and Tomas Roses

Mary Jane Salmon*

David P. Samson

Elizabeth Schwandt*

Rose and Sam Segal*

Sandra and Sylvan Seidenman

Ruth Shack

Eleanor Tyre Simpson*

Adeline and Joseph Snieg*

Javier Alberto Soto

David Spitzberg*

Walter Steinhard*

Anthony Sumegi*

Ethel B. and W.R. Thompson*

Robert H. Traurig*

Teresa J. Verges and Carmen Garcia

Mary Jean Waldberg*

Margaret and Richard B. Wallace*

Ethel and Thomas C. Wasmuth*

Betty and George White*

Billie S. Wills*

Ruth Young*


* deceased