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Hurricane Idalia made landfall in northwest Florida as a strong Category 3 hurricane, the first ever major storm to hit that area.  But, in the aftermath of any devastating storm, we believe the strength of a community shines brightest when its neighbors come together. It takes a collective effort to ensure that all our communities throughout Florida, and beyond, are resilient and have access to critical services and resources following a natural disaster.  


We stand with our neighbors in northwest Florida and are committed to helping communities recover, rebuild, and thrive. Together, we can turn the challenges brought about by the storm into opportunities for transformation and growth. Learn more about how you can contribute to Hurricane Idalia’s recovery efforts. 

Current Disaster Relief & Recovery Efforts

Community Foundation of North Florida 

With over 25 years of service in the Big Bend Region, the Community Foundation of North Florida has strong ties to the community with a history of charitable giving and focus on vulnerable communities, currently serving 11 counties in the region. 


Community Foundation of North Central Florida 

Since 1996, the Community Foundation of North Central Florida has served the Gainsville community through strategic partnerships among nonprofit organizations to help meet evolving community needs. 


Direct Relief 

Direct Relief works closely with local healthcare facilities in Florida and throughout the U.S. Gulf Coast to ensure those in need have medication, supplies, and necessary care. The organization prioritizes working with safety-net clinics, which serve a key role in caring for displaced individuals, particularly those who are low-income and vulnerable. 


Florida Grassroots Hurricane Recovery Fund 

The Florida Grassroots Hurricane Community Recovery Fund, housed at the Miami Foundation, is anchored by those who came together in the wake of Irma in 2017. Donations are distributed to nonprofits in affected areas to provide both the immediate needs of families impacted by the storm and long-term recovery. These groups provide life-saving food and supplies, set up community centers, help families navigate relief programs, and build organizing and advocacy campaigns to ensure communities are front and center in long-term recovery efforts. 


Global Empowerment Mission 

Although headquartered in Miami, Global Empowerment Missions has a global footprint providing disaster relief to the most amount of people in need, in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of costs to our donors. 


Diocese of St. Petersburg Disaster Relief Fund 

The Diocese of Petersburg Disaster Relief Fund helps those in desperate need because of natural disasters, including victims of the recent fires in Maui.  All donations will be directed to people affected by natural disasters as they occur. 

Iniciativas anteriores de recuperación de catástrofes

Previous natural disasters have ignited Greater Miami’s strength and spirit of caring, community, and resilience. In response, The Miami Foundation has mobilized donors, businesses, and public leaders to support the nonprofit organizations we all depend on. We are leveraging our unique strengths, relationships, reach, and knowledge which spans philanthropy, the private sector, government, and the nonprofit community.


2022 Hurricane Season


2021 Earthquake in Haiti


Surfside Building Collapse


COVID-19 Pandemic


2017 Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Thank you to our Disaster Resilience Fund Partners


When it comes to disasters, we need to stand together. The Miami Disaster Resilience Fund is a collaboration of philanthropic, public, and private partners.

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