Miami Connected Digital Equity Grant Program

The 2022 Miami Connected Digital Equity Grant Program is now closed. Learn more about our grant partners below. 

Miami Connected is a collective impact initiative working to bridge the digital divide and make Miami-Dade the most technologically inclusive county in the nation. This initiative counts on numerous cross-sector partnerships to create lasting impact and is co-led by The Miami Foundation and Achieve Miami. 


Bridging the digital divide requires ensuring that all Miami-Dade residents have access to the resources, opportunities, and skills needed to thrive in our increasingly digital world. Through the 2022 Digital Equity Grant, Miami Connected is investing in partners who deliver impactful programming aimed at building community members’ digital literacy skills as well facilitating access to existing opportunities related to internet service, technological devices, and digital literacy.  


With the support of generous funders and guided by community input and partner feedback, Miami Connected identified two funding priorities – Digital Literacy and Digital Navigation – where additional resources are needed in our community: 


  • Digital Literacy | Improve community members’ ability to fully participate in educational, economic, and social opportunities by helping them strengthen the skills needed to leverage technology in their daily lives. 
  • Digital Navigation | Improve residents’ ability to access resources and opportunities related to internet access, technological devices, and digital literacy by providing individualized guidance and support. 


Learn more about the funding guidelines and metrics for the 2022 Digital Equity Grant by reviewing the grant Guidelines and Review Metrics. 



Be Strong International, Inc. ($75,000) | Digital Literacy & Navigation 

To incorporate digital navigation practices into the Be Strong on the Block initiative where Community Connectors will conduct door-to-door canvassing in Perrine, Goulds, and Richmond Heights and serve as digital navigators to determine what clients need to meet their connectivity goals and to formulate digital access action steps within their care coordination plan. Funds will also support the development of “Keeping Your Kids Safe in a Digital World” workshop and tip sheet, which will be offered in English, Spanish and Creole. 


Bridge to Hope W.O.C. ($75,000) | Digital Literacy & Navigation  

To provide digital navigation support and digital literacy classes at the Tech Lab in South Miami-Dade. Digital Navigators will assist clients with identifying their digital skills needs, help them enroll in digital literacy programs, or assist them with enrolling in discounted internet programs. Digital navigation services will also be available via home delivery service or over the phone. 


Collective Sistahood Inc. ($75,000) | Digital Literacy & Navigation 

To provide a monthly Hi-Speed and Healing event that will focus on providing digital navigation support to community members and guide them towards internet access resources. Funds will also supplement the costs of weekly digital literacy courses for students. 


Haitian Neighborhood Center, Sant La ($75,000) | Digital Literacy & Navigation 

To support enhancements to the Ann Pal Tek digital literacy program that provides Creole speaking education and hands on support to residents of Miami’s Northeast Corridor. Funds will also support digital navigation, to include outreach and education efforts for the community in order to increase awareness of the digital divide and ensure residents have access to the information and support needed to use digital tools and platforms in their daily lives. 


Live Healthy Little Havana Inc. ($75,000) | Digital Literacy & Navigation 

To support the addition of digital equity content into the Community Liaison Program. Community Liaisons will assist Little Havana residents in identifying the available resources related to technology access and ensuring they are able to utilize these resources. Funds will also be used to provide digital literacy workshops to the community. 


Miami EdTech ($75,000) | Digital Literacy & Navigation 

To provide digital literacy workshops and to train digital navigators. This will include training at Liberty City’s Tacolcy Center, Miami Workers Center, and Parent Teacher Association groups that can provide support at their respective Miami-Dade County Public Schools. This project will also develop and utilize an online chat bot and automated text line to support Miami-Dade residents with accessing resources.  


Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Inc. ($40,000) |Digital Literacy 

To support instructors for the specialized digital literacy curriculum for senior members. This will include upgraded training for instructors, an enhanced smart phone and computer teaching curriculum, updated equipment, and the development of open lab days. This will allow senior members to become proficient at using hardware and software, internet safety, ethics, and how to capitalize on technologies for their independent living goals. 


Miami Workers Center, Inc. ($40,000) | Digital Literacy 

To develop a tech lab in Liberty City and implement a train-the-trainer model to provide digital literacy services. This will include the adaptation of an existing digital literacy curriculum to meet the specific needs of our Haitian Creole and Spanish speaking members. Once participants are trained in digital literacy subjects, they will provide peer supports in the tech lab to other community members seeking skills and assistance. 


Pierre Toussaint Leadership and Learning Center ($75,000) | Digital Literacy & Navigation 

To support the Pierre Toussaint Leadership and Learning Center Technology Lab located in Little Haiti. The Technology Lab will provide after school programs and adult night classes for students of all ages to develop computer and technology literacy, as well as digital navigation services to the community in Little Haiti.   


S.E.E.K Foundation, Inc. ($40,000) | Digital Literacy 

To support the implementation of a digital literacy program using the NorthStar Digital Literacy curriculum. This will include expanding the reach of the STEAMtastic  Saturday program to intentionally include parents and caregivers so they can learn digital skills alongside their children and prepare to join the STEM workforce. 

The Allapattah Collaborative CDC ($75,000) | Digital Literacy & Navigation 

To support the Digital Literacy and Workforce Skills and Digital Navigation aspects of the Small Business Resiliency Cohort (SBRC), a program that provides economic development and targeted digital inclusion training to help minority-owned and operated microbusinesses rebound and fully participate in a post COVID world. 


The Optimist Foundation of Greater Goulds, FL Inc. ($40,000) | Digital Navigation 

To implement a digital navigation program that will provide individual assistance to residents, especially Senior Citizens, who need affordable home internet service and devices that are able to connect to the internet, via telephone, text, email, or video chat. The program will include digital navigators who will also ensure that residents have sufficient digital skills to navigate the internet. 


Touching Miami with Love Ministries, Inc. ($30,000) | Digital Literacy  

To expand access to digital literacy education for adults in the West Homestead community. The program will address the deficiencies of low-income workers in West Homestead who lack the needed skills, education, and continuous availability of consistent employment to stabilize and advance. 



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