In order to solve the biggest issues facing the future of Miami, we have to bring people together.

Issue areas intersect with one another, and individual change agents will more powerfully ideate and co-create solutions when they are able to come together across sectors and work together to find bold, unified results.

The Miami Foundation leverages 50+ years of relationships and context to bring together nonprofits, elected officials, businesses, philanthropic, and community leaders to solve local issues and drive Greater Miami toward resilience and equity in ways that could not happen in silos. As our region’s largest community foundation, we serve as Greater Miami’s lead convener and backbone for solving key issues. In this capacity, The Miami Foundation serves as a model in leading with the community, loudly echoing a commitment to equity and a deep understanding of the complexities and richness of Greater Miami.

Current Initiatives

How can we ensure that every family in Miami has access to the internet?

We co-launched a public-private partnership to bring broadband Internet, digital literacy, & workforce opportunities to children & families in Greater Miami.

How can we eradicate racism and ensure racial equity and justice in our community?

The Racial Equity Fund is committed to addressing and eradicating racism in Greater Miami. More than 120 donors have fueled its growth, allowing us to disburse more than $1.2 million thus far to power serious change in our community. 

What if ALL youth in Miami-Dade had access to high-quality music education?

Music Access Miami is aiming to provide access to high-quality music education to all youth in Miami-Dade.

How can we sustain the lifeblood of our community and support small businesses to build resilience and generational wealth?

Miami Open for Business supports historically underserved small businesses and nonprofits to own more of their businesses’ assets, such as technology, equipment, machinery, inventory, and property. Funded by Wells Fargo.

How do we ensure safety and wellbeing for LGBTQ+ communities in our region?

Foundations, corporations, and individual partners have come together to ensure the safety, rights, and well-being of our LGBTQ+ family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and classmates in South Florida.

How do we make sure all Miami residents have access to living wage jobs and to all the resources needed to be successful on the labor market? is Miami’s premier career development resource – providing students, job seekers, entrepreneurs, & employers with access to the tools, training, & information they need to build successful careers in industries that are powering Miami’s growing economy.

How can we ensure we leave a clean, sustainable, and beautiful Biscayne Bay to our children?

Proceeds from the Biscayne Bay specialty license plate sales will be used to create a multilingual public awareness campaign and develop a robust grant program for local community-based organizations focused on education and conservation efforts around Biscayne Bay.

How can we protect Miami from all the challenges related to climate change and the environment and make it a resilient city?

A collaboration between Miami-Dade County, the City of Miami, and City of Miami Beach, in partnership with 100 Resilient Cities, to respond to the region’s resilience challenges.

How can we address Extreme Heat and mitigate its impact on our lives?

On behalf of Miami-Dade County and Resilient305, Miami’s Chief Heat Officer launched a multi-stakeholder Climate and Heat Health Task Force in partnership with The Miami Foundation to analyze existing conditions and vulnerabilities and identify strategies to address current and future impacts of extreme heat on human health, lives, and livelihoods.

Historical Initiatives

How can we help nonprofits sustain through the greatest social, economic, and health crisis of our lifetimes?

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Miami Foundation mobilized hundreds of donors, businesses, and public leaders to support the nonprofits we all depend on. More than $16 million were invested to sustain 600 nonprofits affected by the pandemic.

What if Miami-Dade could have a truly inclusive and participatory government?

A civic engagement initiative launched by Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava in partnership with The Miami Foundation and a consortium of funders to bring resident insight into policymaking and County government priorities. The final action plan was published in November 2021.

What can community foundations, civic leaders, corporations, and philanthropists do when a disaster hits our community?

A fund set up by The Miami Foundation, Coral Gables Community Foundation, Key Biscayne Community Foundation, and many local partners, to help those impacted by the June 24, 2021, building collapse in Surfside, FL. In a few months, it received close to $5M from 16,500+ donors. All the funds have been distributed to those impacted by the collapse through the National Compassion Fund.

How can we make sure all members of our community are properly represented and accounted for?

Miami-Dade Counts 2020 was a collaborative campaign to allocate resources and share critical information and tools with nonprofits, local governments, businesses, and community members. In order for everyone in Miami to get their fair share of resources, we need to ensure our census data accurately reflects our community.

How can we help our community bounce back from sudden disaster?

The Miami Foundation raised over $6.4 million to support relief, recovery, and resilient rebuilding efforts in South Florida, the Florida Keys, and Caribbean islands hit by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017. More than 11,000 donors from around the world made donations, including individuals, corporations and foundations.