Avra Jain

Avra Jain


CEO, The Vagabond Group LLC


Avra Jain is one of the most prolific real estate developers/ investors in Miami. Ms. Jain specializes in investing in and revitalizing emerging areas. Having done so previously in downtown Manhattan in the early 1990’s, she brought the same urban-infill approach to Miami’s markets. With a career path that has taken her from bond trading on Wall Street to developing properties along some of Miami’s trendiest streets, Avra Jain has earned a reputation for identifying the next it neighborhoods.


The recipient of three Sundance Film Awards for the documentary Dark Days, this industrial engineering graduate from Purdue University develops projects based around two of her favorite pursuits: art and architecture. Jain suggests “Through art and architecture, life and lifestyle are integrated. Through life and lifestyle, communities and neighborhoods are created.” When Avra is not re-imagining skylines, she spends time with her 16-year- old daughter Alexandra, whom she affectionately refers to as “my greatest accomplishment”.

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