Why Does The Miami Foundation Collect Demographic Data? 

Equity is a core value for us at The Miami Foundation. We strive to be eternal students to understand systemic inequities and improve our practices by learning from sectoral leaders and community voices. We recognize that this is a continuous learning process with no “final destination.” This essential work will always continue. 

At The Miami Foundation, there are many ways in which we center equity at the heart of what we do: 

  • A dedicated Racial-equity fund emphasizing equity across all our grantmaking, 
  • Through mapping efforts such as artlook® Miami to discover inequities in music access, 

Collecting data on demographics is just another tool in our kit for equity-centered work. This data advances our understanding of who we are and are not reaching the inequity of our funding patterns, and the overall diversity and gaps in Greater Miami’s nonprofit sector.  

We include demographic questions in our signature programming, grant applications, and ongoing research efforts. With this, we hope that funders and nonprofits alike will be encouraged to share how their work seeks to advance equity for marginalized communities. We may ask about the racial composition of the executive leadership and the board since they tend to influence an organization’s direction significantly. We hope it will also prompt our community to collectively examine how diversity, equity, and inclusion are reflected in our respective organizations.  

Everyone could be at a different point in this journey, and we understand that. It’s why we will never mandate demographic information to be shared, and one can always choose if they prefer not to answer. We will, however, continue to be vocal advocates in this journey and encourage everyone to ask difficult questions so that we can co-create the answers together for a more equitable Miami. 

These are some resources that have shaped our learning on demographic data collection. For any additional recommendations, questions, and ideas, please contact insights@miamifoundation.org

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