As our community grapples with the impact of systemic racism, many of us want to go beyond saying the right thing. We felt the power of Miami-Dade residents from all backgrounds standing together to demand justice for George Floyd. We saw your overwhelming outcry across social media for black lives to matter. We heard your call to root out the systemic inequalities that have festered in our community for far too long. We felt your energy and we’re taking action.


As a first step, The Miami Foundation has launched The Racial Equity Fund in partnership with philanthropists from across the region. Our seed investment of $100,000 will explicitly support leaders and nonprofit organizations doing the hard work of eradicating racism. In five years of convening the annual State of Black Philanthropy, we’ve seen how charitable investment strengthens black communities and enables residents to move the needle on issues that matter most.


While money itself is not enough to address systemic racism that has sustained for centuries, we see that recent events have created increased momentum for organizations on the frontlines of this work. By investing in them right now, we aim to provide an infusion of resources at a time when their efforts are having major impact.


The Racial Equity Fund’s initial grant investments include:



We look forward to growing this Fund and making future investments to support long-term efforts to promote racial equity across the county.


As a second step, we are engaging in serious conversation about systemic inequities within our own ecosystem and institution. We are not immune to the impacts of racism, and we have launched three staff-led efforts to take a hard look at every layer of our work and scrub for inequity. As we convene and collaborate with nonprofits across the region, we know that even within organizations working to promote equity, there can be practices that sustain the inequitable status quo. We are reflecting on our responsibility to promote best practices that fight racism and live out the highest values of our community.


This moment has unique power because so many critical aspects of our lives are being redesigned as we face the COVID-19 pandemic. There is renewed attention on the rampant racial and socioeconomic disparities existing in our midst. This is a chance for us to push toward a rebuild that is increasingly equitable and reflective of our highest values.


Now, as we launch this Fund, we ask that you join us. Invest with us. Reflect with us. Correct us. And know that we move forward with the most deep and genuine intention to do what’s best on behalf of everyone who calls Greater Miami home.


President and CEO
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Pictured: Photo of #MiamiProtest shared on Twitter
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  • Marcela Gutierrez
    Posted at 19:08h, 25 June Reply

    Thank you for taking such a strong stance in our community. It is encouraging to see funders walk the walk, not just talk the talk. I saw the list of Racial Equity grant investments and was wondering if there are plans to expand funding to other groups who are victims of racism in Miami Dade County, especially Latinos, Latinos in Miami are both victims and perpetrators of racial prejudice, both to other Latino groups (Afro Latinos, Indigenous peoples from South America) and to African Americans. They need to join the conversation about racism and they need to be part of the solution to systemic inequality.

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