As Greater Miami continues to grow, local residents must be able to easily and affordably get around. That’s why investing in transportation and urban mobility solutions are critical to our quality of life here. Proposed regulations for ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are under consideration by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners.  Here is a letter The Miami Foundation‘s president and CEO sent to the commission encouraging them to support the measure. Share your opinion: contact your commissioner and let them know what you think. #KeepMiamiMoving. 

Dear Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners:

Investing in safe, easily accessible and affordable transportation solutions is critical to ensuring the explosive growth throughout Greater Miami results in a better quality of life for all residents.  On May 3rd, you have the opportunity to shape a greater future for transportation in our community by approving Vice Chairman Bovo’s proposed ridesharing ordinance.

In the last few years, we have worked with other leaders to uncover creative solutions for our transportation challenges and promote action.  From equipping residents with information to navigate our transportation system and play a role in decision-making, to inviting national experts to inform Miami-Dade Transportation and Public Works’ strategic plan, we have helped elevate the conversation and reshape our community’s approach to urban mobility.

Transportation network platforms like Uber and Lyft can play a key role in making transit more accessible by providing alternatives for getting to and from Metrorail, Tri-Rail and bus lines.  Recent data from the American Public Transportation Association highlights the benefits of ridesharing. Of 4,500 people surveyed, among those who use Lyft and Uber, 50 percent reported using a train and 45 percent said they used a bus frequently.  These individuals were more likely to walk and saved more on overall transportation costs.  Those who used ridesharing in conjunction with mass transit were also more likely to forego car ownership.  Ridesharing has proven successful here; since launching in Miami-Dade last November, UberPOOL alone has taken almost a million miles of driving off the road and helped reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our air.

This past month, Palm Beach joined Broward to become the second county in South Florida to pass ridesharing regulations.  As more people pour into our city, we need infrastructure to ensure they can easily and affordably get around.  Investments in making our streets walkable and bike-friendly and our transportation services fast and reliable will result in a competitive, prosperous and vibrant city.  Ridesharing should be an important part of the solution – we can make it happen by supporting this proposed ordinance.


Javier Alberto Soto
Former President and CEO
The Miami Foundation

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