Editor’s note: We are pleased to recognize Marlon Hill, a great Miamian, for his selfless dedication to investing in his community and inspiring others to do the same, as our 2019 Donor Next Door honoree. Below is the short piece that appeared in the Donor Next Door Family Album.

Attorney Marlon A. Hill joined The Miami Foundation’s inaugural Miami Fellows class in 1999, looking to dive into civic leadership and philanthropy. Now a partner with the Miami law firm Hamilton, Miller and Birthisel, Marlon has since used his experience to inspire others to step up and champion their cause whether by giving of their time, talent or treasure.

A Miami Southridge High School graduate, Marlon was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He graduated from Florida State University with a bachelors in International Business/Finance before earning his law degree at the institution in 1995. When he returned to Miami, he sought ways to get more deeply connected with the community, representing his law firm at the time in its United Way outreach and later joining the inaugural Miami Fellows class program. Marlon has since widened his impact, starting his own law firm, serving on a number of boards as a corporate lawyer, writing op-eds for publications and exercising his voice to have a greater impact. Following his wife, Carla’s, breast cancer diagnosis, the couple partnered with The Miami Foundation to start the Carla Hill and Hazel Bethel Breast Cancer Awareness and Organ Donation Fund, which helps create access to mammograms and awareness of the impact of the disease on young women of color.

Marlon also volunteers with the Emmaus Ministry of St. Louis Catholic Church, assists local immigrant advocacy organizations in registering thousands of new U.S. citizens, and partners with the BMe Community organization in developing a legal studies program within a mock courtroom at Brownsville Middle School. He is the inaugural Ruth Shack Leadership Award honoree and a past Foundation trustee.

In honor of his selfless dedication to shape a community that invests in each other, we celebrate a great Miamian, Marlon A. Hill as our 2019 Donor Next Door Honoree.

Krislyn Placide is a journalist covering local nonprofits and events.

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