Happy Earth Day: Celebrating Some of Miami’s Environmental Champions

From the Everglades to our sun-soaked shores, Miami’s biodiversity is a testament to our city’s rich culture and history. As we celebrate Earth Month here at The Foundation, we invite you to reflect on the significance of the land beneath our feet. Against the vibrant backdrop of Miami’s landscape, the spirit of sustainability, resilience, and community harmonize.

On this Earth Day, learn about four remarkable community-based organizations that exemplify the profound impact of collective efforts to protect our environment in Greater Miami:

Take Action

The Miami Foundation is honored to support and uplift the efforts of environmental champions in Greater Miami. Intelligent land use, robust infrastructure, and healthy ecosystem services are aspirations and essential for building equitable, sustainable, and resilient communities. At The Miami Foundation, we are proud to stand alongside these nonprofits as we work to protect this beautiful place we call home.

The work these organizations do is fueled by support from people like you. On this Earth Day, consider donating to the Biscayne Bay Recovery Fund, Miami Disaster Resilience Fund, and Extreme Heat Protection Fund to help build a stronger, more resilient Greater Miami.

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