Historically, our role has been to advance the charitable passions of local philanthropists.  That remains at the core of what we do. Over the past 48 years, more than 100 donors have created permanently endowed Funds with The Miami Foundation to support the civic issues that mattered to them, forever.  Their generosity enables us to invest $1.2 million annually in more than 70 selected nonprofit organizations through our signature Community Grants program.

We now have a firm grasp on what the most pressing local issues are thanks to the deep insights provided through the 2014 Our Miami Report.  The biennial snapshot looks at eight key issues impacting local quality of life and provides data, goals and a roadmap for addressing them.  Community Grants merges those findings with our donors’ original intent to create a powerful, sharply focused community investment program that champions measurable civic change.

The report highlighted what Miami is doing right.  It also shed light on opportunities to expand the pockets of success to lift everyone who lives here. This year, we are privileged to help bridge the gap between all Miamians and access to the resources they need to thrive.

Cuban American Bar Association is giving free legal support to unaccompanied immigrant children in Miami.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship helps low-income students find their inner innovator, uncovering paths to independent financial success.

Voices for Children Foundation helps foster youth secure employment and transition out of the system and into adulthood, a key issue Community Grants supports thanks to the DadeFund.

Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative takes critical health resources into local homes, eliminating barriers to promote wellness and preventative care.

These organizations give voice to the voiceless and provide access to opportunity for thousands of local residents.  They set an example for each of us on the importance of building a community that serves everyone who lives within it.

The foresight of our Community Grants Fundholders continues to guide our work today.  The dollars generated from these donor Funds now drive our efforts to build a better community to call home. It’s what we always talk about at The Miami Foundation: the power of the collective.  When we step up and join our resources with other visionary changemakers, we bring about definitive social change.

Javier Alberto Soto is the former president and CEO of The Miami Foundation.

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