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Nonprofit Disaster Readiness in Greater Miami

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Environment & Climate Resilience

Collage of arts students performing in shows for dance, music, and more. Overlaid with a blue and purple gradient.
Photo of people celebrating and falling confetti, with purple tones
Title: Deep Roots, New Growth Year: 2023 Artist: Cornelius Tulloch From its Bahamian and African American roots, to its current multiplicity of Black Identities. Miami’s Black community has played a large role in the social, cultural, and economic development of the city. This collage acknowledges these black communities, by depicting historically black spaces around the city while highlighting the new growth of positive development in these neighborhoods. As our city continues to grow, we must keep the stories of these historical spaces alive to honor the people who helped build this city; while we continue to build the future of Miami. Noted Spaces: D.A. Dorsey House, Historic Ward Rooming House, Historic Baptist Church, Black Innovation Center, African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, Virginia Key Beach, Cape Florida Lighthouse (Salt Water Railroad), Lakay Mural, Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Complex, The Arc OLCDC, Bahamian Homes (Coconut Grove), Joe Celestin Center, and Historic Hampton House.
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