Biscayne Bay Recovery Efforts Working together to prioritize, protect, and preserve Biscayne Bay.

A healthy Biscayne Bay is crucial to a healthy Florida. An environmental jewel and an economic engine, Greater Miami’s Biscayne Bay is at the heart of our community.


Protect Biscayne Bay Speciality License Plate:

After weeks of community voting, the final Protect Biscayne Bay specialty license plate has been selected! 

 In order to get the license plate into Statewide circulation and sale, we must now get 3,000 plates purchased with pre-sale vouchers. Help us achieve this goal, so we can begin raising funds for Biscayne Bay protection and conservation, by purchasing a pre-sale voucher below. Please be aware that in order to purchase a voucher, you must have a vehicle registered in the State of Florida for the plate.


You may walk into your local County Tax Collector or any private Auto Tag Agency to purchase a pre-sale voucher, and pay using a bank check, cash, or money order. If you live in Miami-Dade County, your Miami-Dade County Tax Collector’s Office is located at 200 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33128.

By Mail

You can complete the pre-voucher form online here, print out your confirmation email, and mail it to the Miami-Dade County Tax Collector with your bank check or money order.


You may complete your entire process online using the online payment process implemented by the Escambia County Tax Collector. Visit this webpage, find the “Biscayne Bay (Protect Biscayne Bay)” plate, and follow the online instructions for purchase. 

For any questions about the pre-sale voucher purchase process, check out our Pre-Sale Voucher Purchase FAQ or reach out to


During Florida’s 2021 legislative session, our Bay champions Senator Ileana Garcia and State Representative Nick Duran led a successful bipartisan effort to create the Biscayne Bay specialty license plate. Revenue generated through plate sales will provide funding to preserve and restore Biscayne Bay.  


Proceeds from plate sales will be distributed to The Miami Foundation. With these funds, Foundation staff, in partnership with Miami Dade County’s Chief Bay Officer, will create a multilingual public awareness campaign and develop a robust grant program for local community-based organizations and nonprofits focused on education and conservation efforts around Biscayne Bay. 

THE IMPORTANCE OF BISCAYNE BAY FACTS & FIGURES Graduates Biscayne Bay contributed to 10.2 % of the total Miami-Dade County economy, as well as 4% of the southeast Florida economy. Graduates Biscayne Bay generated $12.7 billion in economic output, $6.3 billion in incomes, 138,000 jobs, and $627 million in tax revenue within the local economy Graduates 71% of local business owners feel that the aesthetic qualities of Biscayne Bay are vital to their economic values Graduates 1.6 million individuals annually visit the National Park and three State Parks that surround Biscayne Bay Graduates 65.5 million person-days are spent recreationally on Biscayne Bay annually Graduates Biscayne Bay is home to an incredible diversity of life including over 600 native fish, neo-tropical water birds, many threatened and endangered species, and over 100 species important to recreational and commercial fisheries.

All statistics sourced from: Adams, Chuck. “Imperiled Water Quality of Biscayne Bay.”


To learn more about specialty license plates in Florida, click here.

The Miami Foundation
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