50th Anniversary Grants – Suggest a Nonprofit 


In celebration of The Miami Foundation’s 50th Anniversary, we will make $1 million in signature grants to organizations with a legacy of innovation and success in both tackling Greater Miami’s most pressing challenges of the past and helping mold our prosperous future. These grants will be made to nonprofits that truly stand out for their past and potential future impact around themes essential to Greater Miami’s future. Our themes and criteria are below.

50th Anniversary Themes

Opportunity: Greater Miami continues to surge forward as a rapidly expanding global city. As our county grows, it is critical that opportunities be equitably distributed across the community. Creating the social and economic conditions and avenues needed for all residents to thrive is vital. We have invested in standout nonprofits that are: transforming the life circumstances and possibilities for at-risk children and families; improving educational attainment of youth; promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors; creating pathways to greater prosperity and access to affordable places to live; or preserving justice and equity in our diverse community. The deadline to submit a suggestion for this theme has passed.


Resiliency: Our community must have the ability to adapt well to change, plan for threats and recover from adversity. That means managing rapid growth and development and environmental challenges, and also strengthening the civic fabric that binds our community together. We will invest in nonprofits leading around environment and sea-level rise, ensuring ample parks and public spaces and advance transportation and mobility options. We will also seek out nonprofits working to cultivate a culture of civic engagement that Greater Miami needs to achieve change on a broad range of issues. The deadline to submit a suggestion for this theme has passed.


Creativity: Greater Miami is booming with arts and culture offerings and creative people crafting their own unique livelihoods through a wide spectrum of pursuits. As they shape our cultural, social and economic vitality, helping them build community will be essential. We seek arts and culture organizations that stand out for pushing their role and reach to produce experiences that create community. We also seek nonprofits developing spaces where our “creatives” pursuing new ideas, products, technologies and social solutions can connect and spark the synergies they need to thrive here. The deadline to submit a suggestion for this theme has passed.



Criteria: Nonprofits that Stand Out and Apart

Greater Miami is fortunate to have a wealth of amazing nonprofits. What we’re looking for in considering signature grants are those you think truly distinguish themselves based on these three characteristics.


Legacy of Impact: A history of proven success in transforming the lives of people and communities in ways that ensure a better, more promising future.


Leading Innovation: A record of pursuing new, forward-thinking solutions to challenges in our community and their field that are more effective and sustainable.


Inflection Point: At a moment in time that they are now positioned and poised to launch or expand on past accomplishments to achieve even greater, catalytic impact for our future.