Welcome to the 8th annual State of Black Philanthropy!

This year’s event will uplift how Black philanthropy “shows up” in our community. For some Black families, generosity manifests through service. For others, it is grounded in faith and involvement in their church. For some, philanthropy is focused on wealth transfer and financial generosity, while others, it is about mobilizing networks to be involved in a specific issue. These different philanthropic approaches all have their place in furthering the core mission of Black philanthropy- elevating the community. In this year’s program, we will honor five local Black leaders/families, each representing a different approach to their philanthropic legacy, by donating to a nonprofit of their choice. We will also uplift the awardees from our Racial Equity Fund, helping draw increased attention to the vital leadership role our Black-led organizations play in our community. The event is also a chance to feature Black-led arts organizations, who will lift our audience in song, dance, and spoken word, to ensure a memorable evening.


Our sincere thanks to Stearns Weaver Miller and Helios Education Foundation for generously making this program possible and to all the Black-owned and led partners, whom you can read about at the bottom of this page, that helped us bring this evening to life.


If you would like to support the Racial Equity Fund by making a donation, please click on the button below.

"Deep Roots, New Growth"
by Cornelius Tulloch




From its Bahamian and African American roots, to its current multiplicity of Black Identities. Miami’s Black community has played a large role in the social, cultural, and economic development of the city. This collage acknowledges these black communities, by depicting historically black spaces around the city while highlighting the new growth of positive development in these neighborhoods. As our city continues to grow, we must keep the stories of these historical spaces alive to honor the people who helped build this city; while we continue to build the future of Miami. 





Noted Spaces: D.A. Dorsey House, Historic Ward Rooming House, Historic Baptist Church, Center for Black Innovation, African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, Virginia Key Beach, Cape Florida Lighthouse (Salt Water Railroad), Lakay Mural, Betty T. Ferguson Recreational ComplexThe Arc OLCDC, Bahamian Homes (Coconut Grove), Joe Celestin Center, and Historic Hampton House




Program Experience

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Thank you to Stearns Weaver Miller and Helios Education Foundation for generously making this event possible.

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Committing to racial equity means investing in diverse talent. The Miami Foundation is proud to share that every vendor and partner who helped with this year’s event was Black-owned and led. We thank them for their leadership and encourage others to partner with equity in mind.

BRIDGE Miami, our production team for this year, is a multi-media network company showcasing organizations, events, experiences, and services in South Florida.
The Urban, our venue for this year, is an iconic outdoor venue and small business incubation space in historically Black Overtown.
Cornelius Tulloch, who designed our event artwork, is a Miami-based artist whose work transcends the boundaries of art, photography, and architecture. 


In our 2022 program, we excitedly announced the launch of the Racial Equity Video Anthology, a community resource to elevate the work and voices of racial justice leaders and groups in Miami and distill insights learned by The Miami Foundation. Please dive in and enjoy the treasure trove of materials, we hope it sparks a conversation and compels you to share it far and wide.

The Miami Foundation has been hosting the State of Black Philanthropy for eight years, honoring the impact of Black leadership and generosity, celebrating organizations and individuals working to support Black communities, and addressing systemic racism in Miami. Each year, the well-attended event convenes 300 community champions, nonprofit leaders, and philanthropists, with a particular focus on those most deeply invested in the strength of Miami’s Black community. Each year the Foundation emphasizes its deepened and sustained commitment to the Black community with exciting programmatic announcements. In 2021 and 2022, we hosted the event virtually, reaching thousands of viewers online. Watch the 2022 State of Black Philanthropy, Build Momentum, below.

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