For the past 16 years, The Miami Foundation has been grateful to collaborate with the National LGBTQ Task Force to strengthen the local LGBTQ community. Each year, the Task Force donates proceeds from its Miami-based fundraising events and The Miami Foundation collaborates with a steering committee of local LGBTQ residents to effectively donate the funds back to the community to improve the quality of life for all LGBTQ residents, particularly our community’s most vulnerable populations. 


The Miami Foundation and the LGBTQ Community Fund are committed to supporting Greater Miami’s LGBTQ organizations and the vibrant community they serve. While we are incredibly proud of our partners, we know there is much more work left unsupported, particularly after canceled fundraising events prevented a typical open-call grant program in 2020 and 2021.  


Instead, the committee reviewed all of the Fund’s grant partners since 2005 and exercised its responsibility to invest the limited resources according to the Fund’s priorities and current community needs. Small grants were made to a handful of high-impact organizations with LGBTQ-specific missions, particularly supporting the most underserved, to help sustain and rebuild during this challenging time for our community. 

Arianna’s Center 

Arianna’s Center works to empower and uplift the transgender community of South Florida. Arianna’s Center places a special emphasis on working with people who are the most marginalized in the transgender community including women of color, people living with HIV, those who have experienced incarceration or ICE detention, and immigrants.


FOO Society 

Dedicated to serving LGBTQ youth, FOO Society provides a growing network of support for LGBTQ youth in South Miami-Dade County through volunteer opportunities, counseling, and emergency resources such as housing, mental health services, and employment support.


Maven Leadership Collective 

Maven Leadership Collective invests in queer and transgender social impact leaders of color to build more resilient communities that thrive even in crisis, transition, and tragedy. Maven is dedicated to centering queer and trans people of color in leadership development and strengthening organizations by using an intersectional approach to capacity building.


National Voices for Equality, Education, and Enlightenment (NVEEE) 

NVEEE provides ongoing support and affinity spaces for LGBTQ youth in Miami-Dade County through a robust peer mentoring and community service model. NVEE focuses on providing mental health support for youth in need of counseling and provides financial relief, transportation, food, and temporary shelter for moments of crisis.


Survivors’ Pathway Corporation 

Survivors’ Pathway Corporation is a justice and healing center based in Miami-Dade County that specializes in serving Latinx immigrants and LGBTQ survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. Survivors’ Pathway Corporation believes that everyone deserves access to trauma-informed mental health counseling, an approach that is rooted in listening to survivors of violent crimes and empowering and fighting alongside them.

LGBTQ+ community members, nonprofits, and allies come together at Miami Beach Pride

We invite you to reach out to local LGBTQ organizations to support them directly through your time and talents or consider supporting them during the LGBTQ Power Hour on Give Miami Day.