2020 State Attorney’s Fund for a Safer and Healthier Community

The State Attorney’s Fund for a Safer and Healthier Community strives to curtail substance abuse and impaired driving in Miami-Dade County and supports assistance for survivors of human trafficking who require substance abuse treatment and counseling. These grant awards are made possible through a partnership with the Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney, 11th Judicial Circuit.



Overtown Children and Youth Coalition ($40,000)

To help youth, parents, and community stakeholders understand the impact of risky driving behaviors by working with local service providers to implement virtual alcohol and substance prevention workshops, a teen advocacy council, and a student-led public awareness campaign




Ark of Freedom ($20,000)

To secure culturally relevant housing and supportive services for male and LGBTQ young adult victims of human trafficking in Miami-Dade County who are challenged with substance abuse disorders


Camillus House ($50,000)

To support the formerly homeless and trafficked women of Project Phoenix to focus on personal and career growth through fully supportive, residential housing with clinical case management and collaborative community interventions


University of Miami – THRIVE Clinic ($50,000)

To support a social worker on the THRIVE Clinic team to work with victims of human trafficking by assessing and understanding their psychosocial needs and then guiding them to appropriate health services




Better Way of Miami ($45,000)

To continue providing trauma-focused, evidence-based, and client-focused substance abuse treatment services to residents of Miami-Dade County


Chainless Change ($40,000)

To support the POWER program for justice-involved individuals with a history of behavioral health conditions including substance abuse and addiction


Empower U Community Health Center ($20,000)

To provide virtual education for Liberty City residents to learn about substance use disorders, access health screenings, and contact EUI’s behavioral health department for counseling and treatment


Empowering Youth ($47,000)

To implement substance abuse services for adolescents and their families using evidence-based models for individual, group, and psycho-educational sessions


Ladies Empowerment and Action Program (LEAP) ($50,000)

To support ongoing services and expansion for the 2nd Chances Through Recovery trauma-informed substance abuse treatment program for criminal justice-involved women, including women who have been victims of sex trafficking


Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services ($15,000)

To address family stressors due to COVID-19 and expand clinical services for youth and families to address mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, and other major risk factors


New Hope C.O.R.P.S. ($46,000)

To serve Miami-Dade County residents referred from the Back on Track DUI Diversion Program by providing comprehensive out-patient substance abuse treatment that will reduce long-term dependency on alcohol and drugs


Overtown Optimist Club ($22,500)

To provide an evidence-based skill development curriculum to K-5 students to mitigate family and community risk factors and cultivate the protective factors related to the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs


Public Health Trust of Miami-Dade County (Jackson Health System) ($25,000)

To support the GATE Program’s continued expansion of a pilot substance use initiative designed for young men with weapon possession charges


Riverside Christian Ministries ($50,000)

To strengthen the Day Reporting Center in Miami and expand the organization’s ability to address substance abuse, employment, and housing assistance programs for formerly incarcerated people in Miami-Dade County to help prevent recidivism


Sundari Foundation (Lotus House) ($40,000)

To support a qualified counselor who will provide in-house, evidence-based counseling for women and youth with substance addictions


Thelma Gibson Health Initiative ($40,000)

To support the COVID-19 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Stressors Outreach Program to provide wraparound substance abuse services and mental health counseling for residents in Coconut Grove


University of Miami – IDEA Exchange ($49,359)

To support the IDEA Exchange syringe services program, a specialized community outreach program for individuals experiencing addiction that links them to primary and mental health care services in addition to substance abuse treatment