2020 Denise Moon Memorial Fund Recipients

The State Attorney’s Denise Moon Memorial Fund supports organizations whose work is centered on assisting victims of crime, reducing the effect of crime on our community, promoting opportunities for job training and placement, and expanding efforts to provide alternatives to criminal activity. These grant awards are made possible through a partnership with the Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney, 11th Judicial Court.



Greater Miami Service Corps ($20,000)

To support The Right Turn Career Focus Initiative (Right Turn), which provides a career development process for youth who are involved with or at risk of becoming involved in the justice system.


Ladies Empowerment and Action Program ($20,000)

To provide coursework that will prepare incarcerated women to enter the work force, start a business and/or attend college and (2) provide paid on the job training to women just out of prison.


Thelma Gibson Health Initiative ($10,000)

To help expand opportunities for low-income families to develop proactive behaviors, complete job training & find employment for youth.




5000 Role Models of Excellence Project ($10,000)

To support 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project (5RMEP) to implement the Washington D.C. Congressional Leaders Summit Experience, an enrichment program proposed for minority middle school boys enrolled in Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS).


Farm Share ($20,000)

To mobilize neighborhood residents to collectively engage with local law enforcement by expanding awareness and build collaboration among inner city residents and law enforcement officers through health and nutrition.


Live Healthy Little Havana ($10,000)

To support Community Liaisons, partners and community members in the co-design of Mano a Mano focused on developing a joint vision for crime prevention grounded on galvanizing a trusting relationship between community members and the police.


Survivors Pathway Corporation ($10,000)

To support outreach and educational events that create awareness about domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking and provide trauma-informed support groups for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking.




Chapman Partnership ($10,000)

To improve opportunities for ex-offenders to gain educational skills they need to pursue a productive, crime-free future through the Social Enterprise Academy.




Camillus House ($20,000)

To provide support for a Project Phoenix case manager helping victims of human trafficking to rebound from trauma towards eventual autonomy through housing, mental health/addiction treatment, and supportive services.


Cuban-American Bar Association’s Pro-Bono Project ($20,000)

To provide the survivors of human trafficking with vigorous legal representation in multiple areas of law, and referring them to appropriate agencies to ensure that they also receive the social services that they need.


Family Action Network Movement (FANM) ($20,000)

To provide crisis intervention and help to ensure the safety of immigrant women, their children, and girls in dating relationships by providing outreach, emergency services, case management, counseling, education, substance abuse treatment, advocacy, links to medical care, employment training, and ESL classes.


Kristi House ($20,000)

To support Project GOLD and its Bridges to the Future initiative, a trauma-informed, survivor-focused program helping sexually exploited and trafficked girls find paths to careers through educational, vocational and community supports.




Catholic Charities Legal Services, Archdiocese of Miami ($20,000)

To help South Florida immigrant crime victims assert their rights when they report crimes and cooperate with law enforcement (building trust in police and increasing public safety) and to represent immigrants in seeking legal status and finding much needed social services.


MUJER ($20,000)

To serve the needs of families, including women, men and children, who suffer from domestic and/or sexual abuse by providing comprehensive services.


RJT Foundation ($5,000)

To support youth and families impacted by violence through wellness and community support measures.


Sundari Foundation (Lotus House) ($20,000)

To serve high special needs homeless women and youth who have been victims of crime receive assessment, shelter in a shared community, meals, clothing, help accessing benefits and wrap-around supportive services.


The Trayvon Martin Foundation ($5,000)

To bring together mothers who have lost children or family members due to gun violence for the purpose of healing, empowerment, and fellowship towards the larger aim of community building.


Trauma Resolution Center ($20,000)

To support the Victims Services Center which will help individuals of all nationalities and ages suffering from diverse trauma to fully recover from their experiences and lead lives without traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety.




Bridge to Hope ($12,000)

To provide the skills that create opportunity for incarcerated youth to succeed upon release thereby reducing recidivism.


Gang Alternative ($20,000)

To provide evidence-based aggression replacement training, life skills and academic activities year-round with cultural sensitivity and fidelity.


Genesis Hopeful Haven ($20,000)

To support youth in the foster care system have been exposed to acts of physical, emotional and sexual abuse through a holistic wraparound service approach.


Girl Power Rocks ($20,000)

To support the Girls Intervention Program (GIP), which has been providing services to at promise girls for over 12 years reducing their involvement in crime or violence by providing them support and opportunities to redirect, empower and prepare them to succeed in life and school.


Lawyers for Children America ($20,000)

To provide holistic civil legal representation, mentoring, and self-advocacy training to older foster children and youth, with a focus on cross-over youth involved in both dependency and delinquency proceedings.


Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services ($20,000)

To improve youths’ academic success and empower youth to become a productive member of their community through our Truancy Intervention Program.


Overtown Youth Center ($20,000)

To reduce the risk of youth involvement in crime or violence by providing positive community interactions, reading experiences, books, and knowledge of adverse behavior impact and solutions to prepare them to succeed as productive, contributing citizens.


Regis House ($19,690)

To expand a County funded program, that tackles substance abuse and unlawful behavior among teens – with mental health counseling.


Superhero Leadership Academy ($20,000)

To reduce the risk of youth involvement in crime or violence by providing them the support and opportunities, that they need to redirect, empower and prepare them to succeed in academics, careers and life.


The Motivational Edge ($20,000)

To provide structured support services that foster positive social-emotional youth development; create engaging activities that increase youth attendance/participation; offer cultural arts experiences that empower youth and give them a voice; provide on-going youth mentoring; reduce bullying, youth crime and violence; and assist youth in developing the skills and abilities to successfully transition to post-secondary education and employment.


Urban Promise Miami ($20,000)

To support the Holistic Urban Empowerment Program Enhancement Through Teen Mental Health Equity.