Every Miamian has a story … how they got here, why they stay, what they want for the future. Last year on October 18th, almost 2,000 Greater Miamians launched My Miami Story conversations by hosting their own gatherings county-wide. These conversations got people talking about the Our Miami Report and the issues they care about, whether it’s making sure our kids get a good education, finding a safe, affordable place to live, or landing a job that’s close to home.


As part of our 50th anniversary year, we’re taking it to the next level and invite the entire community to share your experiences, connect with one another and take ownership of what matters to you in the city we all love.


Save the date for October 17, 2017 when My Miami Story conversations return.


Read this blog post to see what we learned from My Miami Story in 2016.

My Miami Story Conversation