Knight Arts Challenge Winners


Congratulations on your selection as a Knight Arts Challenge winner. The steps below describe what happens next with the administration of your funds. We look forward to working with you as the Fiscal Agent of Knight Foundation.


Establishing your relationship with The Miami Foundation (Fiscal Agent)


As the Fiscal Agent of Knight Foundation, The Miami Foundation receives grant dollars from Knight Foundation to administer your project. The Miami Foundation will work with you to ensure that those grant dollars are expended as approved by Knight Foundation in your final grant budget.


How to establish your relationship with The Miami Foundation


1. Sign your agreement and policy manual
The first step in establishing your relationship with The Miami Foundation is to sign the agreement and policy manual provided, which the Foundation will provide to you.  These documents are due, signed, to The Miami Foundation within 30 days of your “Grantee 101” orientation session.


2. Complete an updated budget
Along with your signed agreement and policy manual, you will also need to provide the Foundation with an updated budget reflecting the amount granted. Please note that if you are a non-501c3, you will need to allocate The Miami Foundation’s 4% administration fee on the full grant amount in your updated budget. Click here to download the budget template.


3. Submit completed documents
You may scan and email your documents to Lindsey Linzer, or mail them to the following address:
The Miami Foundation
Attn: Lindsey Linzer, Director of Grants Administration
40 NW 3rd Street, Suite 305
Miami, FL 33143

Matching your grant


Once you have submitted your signed agreement, policy manual and updated budget, you are set to begin your fundraising efforts. In order to make funds available, you will need to keep track of all documents for proof of matching. Below are examples of proof of matching documentation:

1. Letter(s) of intent/pledge (must be signed and on letterhead)

2. Ticket sales reports

3. Copies of checks for individual and corporate donations

4. Copies of deposit slips (for cash donations)


When you are ready to submit proof of match, please complete this Match Cover Page and send it to Lindsey Linzer along with the supporting proof of the match. Match dollars must be raised within the specified term as outlined in your grant agreement with The Miami Foundation. Click here to download the Match Cover Page. 


Please note – You must FULLY match your grant BEFORE the grant dollars can become available to you for expenditures.

Grant Disbursement


The way in which grants are disbursed depends on whether your organization is a 501c3 or a non-501c3 as noted below.


For 501(c)3 organizations

Once you FULLY match your Knight Arts Challenge grant and have submitted all proof of matching documentation, The Miami Foundation will issue a lump sum payment to your organization/fiscal sponsor.


For Non-501(c)3 Organizations

Once you FULLY match your Knight Arts Challenge grant and have submitted all proof of matching documentation, The Miami Foundation will hold your grant dollars and you can start expending by submitting payment requests.

Reporting Policy


Report due dates are outlined in the grant agreement. On these dates you must provide Narrative Reports to The Miami Foundation. Click here for the Narrative and Final Report template.


If your organization is a 501(c)3 and The Miami Foundation has issued a lump sum payment, you must submit a Financial Report on how the grant dollars were expended. Click here for the Financial Report template.


If your organization is not a 501(c)3 and The Miami Foundation has paid out invoices on your behalf, you do not need to supply the financial report.


Please send all reports to

Payment Requests


In order to submit a payment request, you will need to complete and submit this Payment Request Form and provide supporting documentation for each expenditure request as outlined on the form. Click here to download the Payment Request Form.


Once completed, please submit your form and all required documentation to


Important reminders:

  • Payment requests submitted by Monday at 8:30 a.m. will be processed for payment to go out on Friday of that same week. ACH payments are The Miami Foundation’s preferred method of disbursement and guarantee availability of funds by Friday.
  • The Miami Foundation will issue any required 1099’s to independent contractors and the project representative.
  • The Foundation monitors the grant expenditures on an ongoing basis. If the Foundation identifies expenditures that are significantly different from the approved grant budget, the Foundation will notify the appropriate Knight Program Director.

Need more information?

Lindsey Linzer

If you have questions regarding your grant dollars, please contact:

Lindsey Linzer
The Miami Foundation, Director of Grants Administration
Email Lindsey

Adam Ganuza

If you have questions regarding grant extensions, changes to your project activities, outcomes and/or match disbursement exceptions, please contact:

Adam Ganuza
Knight Foundation, Arts Program Officer
Email Adam

Marika Lynch

If you have questions regarding communications, blogging or help with getting the word out about your project, please contact:

Marika Lynch
Knight Foundation, Communications
Email Marika